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User Info: Blitzoff1987

8 months ago#21

User Info: WhiskeyDisk

8 months ago#22
The only "Xmas" song I can really tolerate: ~there's always free cheese in a mousetrap.

User Info: AbsoluteDenial

8 months ago#23
"Those statistics are interesting, but like all statistics, they are also irrelevant."
- Alex Shrub

User Info: DanKiller7

8 months ago#24
Snuggletoof posted...
Sounds that make me feel all types of nostalgia

PSO was amazing! Played it on the cube with a couple of buds couch co op style. FOmar with buffing spells and decent physical attack mixed with healing and some ranged magic.

Collateral Shot! This is too easy..
(edited 8 months ago)

User Info: knivesX2004

8 months ago#25

User Info: do_ob_tpkillr

8 months ago#26
(edited 8 months ago)

User Info: streamofthesky

8 months ago#27

Extended, so you don't have to keep hitting Play again:
(edited 8 months ago)

User Info: BlazeAndBlade

8 months ago#28

try not to play this one with people around lol
Having a goal is good, but don't let your goal depress you. Goals are meant to inspire.
(edited 8 months ago)

User Info: PKStarSaber

8 months ago#29
"I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity." - Edgar Allan Poe

User Info: HagenEx

8 months ago#30
The side of the fence that we climb determines who's afraid
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