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The Reaping

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am thrilled to welcome you back once again to another glorious season of PotD Battle Royale. We here at the studio took a much needed break, but we are ready to provide for you the mayhem and chaos that you have come to love from these events. Who would have thought things would have gotten so off course in our last round? A completely unscripted native tribe, armies of gorillas and an ancient demon that turned into thousands of hornets. If I didn’t know any better I would say that the writer was just making stuff up to make up for the lack of killing going on in those last days.

But that is behind us now. We look towards the future. We look towards the stars. As I speak each one of our 24 new tributes are in a state of hibernation in their own individual pod attached to a rocket that is heading towards the moon. When the rocket reaches our capitals magnificent new lunar base the individual pods will be jettisoned from the rocket and deposited into an anti-gravitational sphere, where the game will begin.

Now we have some of your returning favorites cloned once again for your pleasure, but we made some changes this time around. There will be no more of those silly memories of previous lives to get them distracted with and our scientists have been working extensively on the clones that have developed mutations to prevent those from happening during these games to give them an unfair advantage. Of course the mutated DNA has been saved for future research, but that’s a different story entirely.

It’s time for me to stop rambling and start drinking because the bloodbath is going down tonight. Prepare your asses for your new tributes, heroes and champions. Allow me introduce the contestants in PotD Battle Royale season 4!

District 1
Mario VS DK

District 2

District 3
Faye Valentine

District 4
I Abibde
Nade Duck

District 5
Melon Master

District 6

District 7

District 8

District 9
Maddest Sack

District 10

District 11

District 12
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Stupid Pirate Guy 8 months ago#2
The Bloodbath

As the rocket carrying the precious cargo of the combatants enters the moons gravity it slows and begins ejecting the 24 pods that each carried a warrior inside ready to do battle. The pods slowly work their way into place covering the exterior of a glass sphere that looked out onto the distant Earth. The tributes inside were still in hibernation and they were about to be launched straight from a state of sleep into this sphere where the cornucopia of supplies and weapons lies suspended in the center. None of them have been trained for this experience in anti gravity, only the true survivalists will be able to adapt fast enough and survive this impending battle and survive long enough to make it to the inside of the lunar base.

As the last of the pods find their position the countdown begins and the tributes are awakened. They only have a few moments inside of their dark pods before the horn sounds off and the lot of them are ejected out into the tremendous spherical chamber. As they are shot out of their pods with barely enough time to adapt to being awake they are immediately caught off guard as they find themselves floating helplessly in the giant open area. It takes a few moments, but some of the tributes find their bearings and realize that the games have already started as they stare at the dozens of competitors floating around them. As soon as one took off toward the center, they all slowly started flailing in the air in an attempt to get to the supplies or make an escape.

Thecolorgreen reaches the cornucopia first and grabs hold of the first weapon he can get his hands on. It looked to be some kind of mace, but it was sparking with electricity from its spiked end. He barely had time to admire the weapon as he started to float away from the cornucopia out of control. As he tried to right himself he was kicked in the face by Mario VS DK. Green was caught offguard and Mario grabbed hold of the mace and ripped it from his hands. He smiled as he looked down at Green who started to flail his arms away in a panic. Mario swung the mace at him, but the lack of gravity made his swing too slow and Green managed to escape.

Hanagamas thought it best to try to avoid the deadly spinning mass of weapons in the center of the room and look for an exit along the walls. He was able to pull himself along the walls unnoticed when he came upon a hatch. With some effort he managed to get it open and he pulled himself inside. The hatch shut behind him and for a moment he was surrounded by darkness. After a moment a light came on and a door opened in front of him. He walked out into a tight maintenance passage happy to be in an area with active gravity.
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Stupid Pirate Guy 8 months ago#3
CyborgNinja made it to the swirling cornucopia in the center and grabbed hold of it. It was spinning too fast for him to get his bearings and grab something that he actually wanted. He reached in and grabbed whatever he could find and pulled out a sharpened tree branch. He looked down at the branch like it was some kind of joke when he noticed helly pulling himself inside of the cornucopia. As helly entered he could only get the top half of his body inside but he started grabbing as many supplies as possible. The cornucopia was spinning madly and helly’s bottom half lay exposed. Cyborg used the momentum of the cornucopia to fling himself at helly and stabbed the tree branch straight into his exposed gut. Helly let out a scream as the branch stabbed him deep. The force of Cyborg’s attack launched helly’s body from the inside of the cornucopia causing the items that he had picked up to go flying around the room as the chamber also filled with helly’s blood as he bled out from the deep penetration.

As supplies went flying through the air wwinter managed to grab a bottle that was floating by. At first he assumed that it was full of water, but once he got it into his hand he came to the realization that it was filled with gas. And not only that but it conveniently had a pack of matches taped onto the side of it. Wwinter looked around and saw that no one was heading in his direction, but there were a few people that were within throwing range as they madly flailed about the giant chamber. He struck a match and lit the molotov cocktail and threw it at the closest person to him, the unsuspecting Parrothair. Parrothair never stood a chance as the bottle exploded against his back and covered his entire body in flames. He flailed about wildly in midair as he was consumed by the fire and helplessly burned to death.

Archmage did the best he could to float through the air with grace, he grabbed a backpack that helly had released from the center and made it to one of the walls hoping to find a way out of the chamber.

Maddest Sack was thristy for blood but he couldn’t figure out how to get around in this zero gravity environment. Eventually a medkit came floating towards him and he grabbed hold of it. He looked in all directions ready to defend himself from anyone that dared to come near him as the rest of the tributes flew about the arena.

Tardis made it to the cornucopia and pulled out an item that baffled him at first glance. There was a handle for him to hold on to, but it just seemed to be attached to a weird clear object that he was not fully able to make out amidst the chaos. As he looked at the object he noticed SunWuKung appear from around the other side of the cornucopia. Sunny was wielding a bow with an arrow that glowed with a bright green light. Sunny launched the arrow at Tardis and he instictually held the mysterious object in front of his face. He winced as he prepared for impact, only to have the arrow to explode a few feet in front of his face. He looked again and took notice that he had some type of energy shield that was nearly invisible. He held his shield up and started to work his way away from the cornucopia to avoid more of Sunny’s arrows.
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Stupid Pirate Guy 8 months ago#4
Nade Duck was doing his best to swim through the air of the chamber when he was caught by the neck by an incredibly strong object. He barely had time to take notice as Jen tightened the grip of her thighs around Nade’s neck and started punching him in the head repeatedly. She crushed his throat within moments leaving him floating lifelessly amongst the debris and blood floating through the chamber.

A large piece of metal was flung from the cornucopia as it spun and flew straight towards dan0429. He managed to grab hold of the metal and held it up in front of himself as a shield as he was helplessly stuck and unable to move as chaos unraveled around him.

Trodi pushes his legs off of the chamber wall launching himself towards the cornucopia. He was determined to get a good weapon and take out as many of these guys as possible. As he flew near his goal the cornucopia spun around revealing Sunny with an arrow nocked back and ready. He released the arrow and it launched straight into Trodi’s skull killing him instantly. The high tech arrow sent currents of electricity surging through trodi’s corpse as his body flew uncontrollably into the cornucopia knocking Sunny from his perch.

Mead was trying his best to get used to floating around the chamber. He felt that he was finally getting the hang of it when a strange red creature came gliding towards him effortlessly. Mead watched in awe as the strange looking guy flew around the chamber as though he was already adapted to defying gravity. Knuckles came to a halt on a nearby wall and looked down at Mead. Then with a smile on his face he launched himself directly towards him with his claws pointed out at his prey. Mead had no time to react as the echidna sliced open his throat with its razor sharp fists.

Koga had managed to avoid conflict as he slowly made his way to the cornucopia. He was about to reach inside when GameLord appeared from inside and swung at him with what looked like a whip. Koga propelled himself back avoiding the hit, but decided to leave the cornucopia and seek shelter as GameLord turned his attention back to getting more supplies.

Faye Valentine had been playing it cool and just watching the action play out in this chamber. She knew that she had no desire to get involved in this mad killing and worked her way to the bottom of the chamber. After some searching she found a hatch that led out of the anti grav chamber and into the main lobby of the lunar colony.

Melon Master managed to dig a basket of bread out of the cornucopia but didn’t want to overstay his welcome. He kicked off of the spinning object and launched himself into the air, happy enough by finding some rations of food. He looked behind himself to make sure he wasn’t being pursued. As he turned his attention back towards where he was heading a hand came out of nowhere and clocked him in the nose causing it to bleed profusely. MrKoopa let out a laugh as he grabbed the basket away from Melon and kicked him back into the center of the room.
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Stupid Pirate Guy 8 months ago#5
Larry was digging through the cornucopia when he found a weapon that he believed would properly suit him. He grabbed hold of a trident that seemed to radiate with a plasma energy from its forked points. GameLord turned towards him threateningly but Larry held up the trident and the two stared each other down daring one another to attack.

I Abibde hadn’t gotten the hang of moving through the zero gravity whatsoever. He had somehow floated to the highest point of the chamber, but he was relieved that no one had turned their attention to him. He attempted to relax and catch his breath when he looked down and noticed that the cornucopia was spinning faster and faster. It started to seem like the cornucopia was tearing itself apart from the inertia. Abibde was barely able to move as a steel rod came flying from the center and hit straight into the glass ceiling. He was relieved for a moment, but that quickly turned to panic when he noticed that the glass had cracked. He tried his hardest to swim down but the hole in the ceiling grew too large and he was swept out into the harsh moon environment without any protective gear. He died within moments as his skin froze and his lungs exploded from lack of oxygen.

As the roof of the chamber burst open red lights flashed repeatedly and an alarm sounded. Within moments of the breach in the glass chamber was completely covered by metal shutters preventing any of the other tributes from being pulled out into space. They breathed a collective sigh of relief when one by one they felt their bodies being pulled into the walls of the chambers. The remaining tributes were sucked into vacuum tubes and dispersed throughout the lunar colony. They had managed to survive their initial encounter on the moon, but the experience left them all jarred and unprepared for what was to come next.

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Stupid Pirate Guy 8 months ago#6
Stupid Pirate Guy 8 months ago#7
Stupid Pirate Guy 8 months ago#8
Guybrush is my homeboy.

User Info: ss4parrothair

8 months ago#9
Well f***.
I will change this when I think of something new.

User Info: KogaSteelfang

8 months ago#10
Dang, no more mutations? Bye monster Koga and spider queen Jen.
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