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User Info: Cidastor

3 months ago#1
If your playing new game + to pick the path you join the General...

Chapter 19 is total bulls***.

You have Lestor and Dalton + 2 "others"
The "others" are for story purposes and they are pretty terrible.
You can't change their equipment and they have bad skill levels.

You have 2 Dragon Bosses some golems and those sentry things that summon golems.

I'm only on hard but I have Lester kited out with Synthed Mythril Armor and a synth Bastard Sword and Claw Shield.

I have phys Res +75 and All Res +30 from Synth
And +100 Str +25 Dex and this fight is super f***ing annoying.

I died because the other 2 units are worthless.

They did not balance this battle for higher difficulty at all.
I'm not a true gamer. I like to think a lot. I own and play a LOT of games. But I'd rather not be some fanboy bent over taking turns for their corporate masters
(edited 3 months ago)

User Info: Kowashitai

3 months ago#2
Yeah, it was really weird how in the M Route you had just one temporary leave like Claudia with in Mercenaries Saga 1, then the K Route decided to nerf your party size after the route split and limit who you can bring for Ch. 18 ~ 19 like the various chapters in Mercenaries Saga 2. They are cool fights from a narrative perspective, but you have to do a lot of grinding to prep for it to deal with Hard/Maniac's stat bloat.

Despite being able to now synthesize white items, getting the desired effects of
  • PHYS-RES.+25 (9288G x 4 Slots x 8 Characters)
  • ALL-RES.+15 (9288G x 5 ~ 6 Slots x 8 Characters; Mythril Helm + Mythril Armor + Mythril Boots = ALL-RES.+10 and some characters have the ALL-RES.+25 passive)
for complete damage immunity is still RNG, and the cost of buying that many copies and synthesizing each effect (at least 1,000,000G) makes me wonder why Rideon couldn't just borrow Blacksmith of the Sand Kingdom's orb system.
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  3. Warning For Hard Mode or maniac paths.
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