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User Info: fmfan13

7 months ago#1
is there a list of character classes and the skill somewhere??

User Info: ErikMynhier

7 months ago#2
Ive been looking and can't find one. I like to plan out but at the same time its sort of nestalgic going in blind without the net.

User Info: RGD717

7 months ago#3
So I’ll give a general breakdown of the classes, not including the secret classes. If you want I’ll give in depth skill details too

The story does branch so this is for the option of not joining with the general

Lester: Esquire. Then can go to Marshall which can go to constable, or swordsman which can go to sword master
Basix swordsman stuff, a few wind techniques, a couple of buffs.

Alvah: Fighter then Warrior-> War Lord or Striker-> Duelist
physical powerhouse, one or two distant attacks, and an earth attack that can attack 3 enemies in a row.

Dalton: Cleric then Priest->Bishop or Temple Knight-Holy guard. Basic white mage stuff with a few holy attacks.

Connie: Gunner then Shooter-> Engineer or Scout to Recon
Attack range of like 4-5 in a straight line ahead, a few debuffs in her move set.

Melissa: Witch to Sorceress-> High Witch or Druid-> Enchanted
Druid can summon a spirit to the field to act as an extra character so that’s clutch. Sorceress has extra attack spells with decent range and high witch has good area of attack spells. Enchanter has tornado.

Elbert: Archer to Bowman-> Bow Master or Seeker-> Sentinel
Typical archer stuff. Bow master has ultra draw to increase attack and arrow rain which is a good area attack

Kathryn: Nun to Priestess-> Bishop or Choir Girl-> Diva
Typical white mage or songstress stuff

Xan: Wizard to Sorcerer-> Rune Master or philosopher.
Basically covers the elements that Melissa doesn’t
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User Info: RGD717

7 months ago#4
Also to unlock a class and skills requires SP, and you can buy a SP reset orb if you don’t like your setup. And your stats change depending on class, so you don’t have to worry about stat growth being class dependent.
ACNH DA-1436-8361-0678

User Info: MintB3rryCrunch

7 months ago#5
Additionally, you can spend 2 puzzle pieces to unlock the extra level 20 classes, which are presumably better.

User Info: Jarenstar

6 months ago#6
hmmm... are you locked into a class this time? or can you just unlock em all like the other games?

User Info: Matchstix

6 months ago#7
Anyone knows about other route?
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User Info: Capnmonkey

6 months ago#8
You can play the alternate route in New game plus mode. I found the story to be better in the "knight" route, and the characters you get are much better especially the caster and archer.
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