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User Info: airbrake1

2 months ago#1
i just recently started playing zombies and i've been using the warden's word gallo blueprint. it's says that it is a legendary weapon, does using salvage at the armor/weapons station to upgrade this weapon make it any stronger or is it already as powerful as it's going to be right from the start.

User Info: frinchmon

2 months ago#2
Easiest way to check it to try to upgrade, if it is already legendary it will tell you it's fully upgraded. I'd be surprised if it is.

User Info: R3D-R3X

2 months ago#3
All loadout weapons begin at tier 0 regardless of their rarity. You can however obtain legendary tier weapons from the mystery box.
(edited 2 months ago)

User Info: airbrake1

2 months ago#4
thank you all... i think i have it figured out now

User Info: SubwooferKing

1 month ago#5
If you can get to round 30 ish, all the guns will be orange tier from the box. At least in my experience. I’m not sure what round they start getting that tier, could be a little later or earlier, but I usually just load in with a gun I plan to upgrade to orange tier. the first two rarity upgrades use salvage and then the ones after are rare salvage. Same with armor.

Load out guns are good because they will have attachments. I will upgrade that gun and get another gun from the box to hold me down, but later on you won’t really have to worry.
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