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  3. This game is brutal for new players

User Info: StraydoG

1 month ago#1
By new I mean didnt pick up the game at launch. Got it yesterday put in a few hours then and today but not having the attachments or perks like ghost and ninja makes it so hard.

Just been messing on TDM but might try DOM tomorrow, do modes change much in the way of weapon levels or just killing? F me though the maps seem small the snownine is stupid, always ends in a spawn trap and Miami is messy. Others are OK so far I guess

User Info: THINKb4uACT

1 month ago#2
Just level up a bit, your guns will become stronger!
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User Info: setablazebyyou

1 month ago#3
Do objective stuff. Way better.

User Info: Alexanaxela

1 month ago#4
use stimshots and the perk greed at PvP 45 wildcard to use all the perks
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User Info: Evanz111

1 month ago#5
I got the game at launch but still felt behind due to a busy life and long download time. The way I got around it was playing in zombies. Just pick one gun and level it up a bit, then let it carry you in multiplayer. The Type 63 is a great choice.
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User Info: joe-deli-jr

1 month ago#6
well, its double xp, so you should have that stuff in no time. Ive been punishing myself by using nothing but the m82 to level it during double xp. The thing is terrible
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  3. This game is brutal for new players
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