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User Info: Sega9599

1 month ago#1
After trying the beta...

After trying BO:CW for 90 mins.....
My opinion is that it's not that bad. It's an ok COD like WW2 was. Feels better than black ops 4 anyway!

Bit arcadey, no mounting your gun, graphics are ok, takes forever to throw a grenade, the lifebar mechanic is interesting.....
I know it's only a beta and more stuff is in the final game....so I'm hoping for at least double the scorestreaks.

The feel when you shoot someone feels very heavy. I like it.

The extra modes like that fireteam one and the VIP one....they're nice distractions I guess.

People saying the graphics are not very good...I feel they're good. Not super amazing, but definitely good.

The maps are definitely more arcadey than MW '19. I'm not used to having so many clear doors that you can't bust down. I like the map previews. I do also like the colours, very vibrant. I kinda wanted to just walk through that fireteam forest a bit more....

More music playing from radios and in the background......it adds atmosphere I guess.

Gun attachments don't feel as expansive as MW '19, but I guess they're not meant to be. It's simpler.

Perks....they've finally put Cold blooded and Ghost against each other, interesting.

Operators seem ok.

Eh, I'll definitely do a LAN tournament on it in the future, when it drops to like £12 in a few years. I don't think it's a bad game like others are saying. But I do prefer MW '19.

Needed: New Pokemon Puzzle League, Shining Force and Left 4 Dead....
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