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User Info: sadiztic666

1 month ago#31
lolak posted...
I hate crossroads because of the tanks and all the snipers.

Do yourself a favour on the map.


Problem solved!
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User Info: kgrc

1 month ago#32
Satellite was prob my fave of all the beta maps , it was dumb fun which is kinda what cod does best.

The others were all pretty ugly and dull in layout.
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User Info: Wicked_T_Wraith

1 month ago#33
Miami is the only one I really like.

Moscow is okay.

Satellite is bleh.

Cartel is outright garbage.
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User Info: Jaydee4

1 month ago#34
Dyson posted...
I guess I am in the minority, I like all the maps. I feel like they flow better and you can be comfortable in a gun fight more without worrying about getting killed from behind, as long as you stay aware of where your at on the map.
Same. I’m getting used to these maps very easily when compared to how much time it took me to memorize MW maps

User Info: Lord_of_BeefDip

1 month ago#35
Jaydee4 posted...
Same. I’m getting used to these maps very easily when compared to how much time it took me to memorize MW maps

Aside from ShootHouse which was actually pretty solid, most of MW19's maps ranged from "meh" to absolute trash.

Way to cluttered, way too many lines of sight to mount and headglitch, and too many dark corners to easily camp in. And many maps in 6v6 felt too big, like they belonged more in the 10v10 playlist.

Pace was slow and absolutely tedious as all hell in most matches. At least 50% of the time TDM and KC went to time, because people were either camping, or barely moving so as to not get easily killed by campers. Never had that problem on most maps in prior Cods when the lobby was full, but MW19 was that bad in terms of maps.

As for spawns, definitely some of the worst. Especially Piccadilly, when you could be pushed back in your spawn, and the spawn system just laughed and would not flip spawns.

User Info: nuschler2212

1 month ago#36
I noticed that the maps really need a game mode other than team death match or kill confirmed.

Or else everyone just camps and snipes. With how broken the snipers are, that turns every map to garbage.

But Armada has to be one of the worst maps of all time, regardless.
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User Info: Malevolent_Moon

1 month ago#37
Can't speak to Combined Arms maps since I have no interest in the mode at all.

Miami: It's a bit too big with a lot of unused spaces (The beach and the backstreet by the hotel) but I do like it. If they closed off certain sections I think it'd be good.

Moscow: Simple but very good map. 3 lanes, good cohesion between the lanes, and lots of flank routes. Good classic map design.

Satellite: Great map. The dunes are a sniper's paradise but the middle is great for close encounters and the right is always a fight for the top of the hill. All playstyles work here.

Cartel: Good map. Didn't like it at first but it does have lots of flank routes and good flow between the lanes. Only gripe is the bushes are too thick, so guarding B flag in Dom is always a toss up because you can't see through the bushes very well.

But yeah if these maps are anything to go on, Cold War should have a considerably better set of maps at launch than MW2019 did.
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