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User Info: Sirgamesal0t

3 months ago#1
So i read the path notes from april 9th about being able to make custom blueprints in create a class.

I only play zombies and i never bothered trying to use the Blueprint option in the pause screen mid game.

My question is, does using the blue print option mid game adjust the attachments and appearance of the currently picked up weapon found in game?

Like for the most part, if i feel like using a Hauer 77, i usually spawn in as my class that uses it, complete with it's task force 55% dmg bonus barrel and chosen attachments. But it starts out as baseline rarity red, and then subsequently costs 500 salvage to make it common and you know how it is get's expensive and at best you might reach 1500 high grade salvage by the end of stage 4 in outbreak or stage 25 in firebase or die maschine, and turn it into a legendary.

But conversely you might get lucky on stage 1 or 2 on outbreak and loot a legendary version, albeit with crappy attachments you don't want like a suppressor. So if for say your favorite hauer 77 setup saved in create a class is custom blueprinted and you stumble upon a legendary hauer 77, could you use that pre-saved custom blueprint to change it to your version while still maintaining it's current rarity? Completely bypassing the necessity of saving up all that salvage to upgrade it?
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