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User Info: Angelus72

5 months ago#1
This is ridiculous. Almost 500GB for both MW and CW. I see lots of repeated stuff in the manage content tab. Specifically the “shared with MW” content. Do I need that AND the repeated ones that don’t say shared? Personally I despise Warzone and wish it wasn’t latched onto the two games like a parasite. It should be separate and not forced to enjoy the games singularly.

User Info: deadfoundead

4 months ago#2
Bump as I have the same question. I know some people just delete and re-download games but my house normally runs close to its monthly data limit so I don't usually have that option. I hate how games are getting bigger and storage sizes are still tiny lol.

User Info: Sirgamesal0t

4 months ago#3
Buy an external hard drive to run your ps4 games off of if your having storage issues.

I have 6 games and i'm too busy with them to get more and i still have 200gigs spare.

I'm considering uninstalling warzone, it's not as fun as lops 4 blackout.

User Info: Classicgamer615

3 months ago#4
Get a storage drive to store your PS5 games, the new Update should allow you to store but not play PS5 games.

I got rid of MW, CW is better so just play the other
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