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  3. Am I somehow rushing the game?

User Info: DestructiveWish

4 weeks ago#1
Im only at 14 hours and Rise was just kidnapped, locating intel now for Teddie to find her dungeon. The game is supposed to be like 70 hours and it feels like I have gotten very far very quickly, I didn't do anything specific though. Protagonist is currently level 19, and Kanji was level 25 when I unlocked him, I didn't have trouble with the boss, but I think I might be underleveled? I had more trouble with Contrarian King but I've beaten him as well. The only thing I have really neglected is the side quests because they involve going into the TV, I've been trying to prioritise social links and social stats.
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User Info: HA0U

4 weeks ago#2
it's alright. if you are underlevelled, you get more exp to catch up.
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User Info: Madaggar

4 weeks ago#3
Ehhh... there's plenty of game left, you're not even half way through.

User Info: teepan95

4 weeks ago#4
I finished the game at around 50 hours playtime
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  3. Am I somehow rushing the game?
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