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User Info: NinjaBreakfast

1 month ago#11
When enemies start living past my opening akasha arts I'll let you guys know my findings
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User Info: daemon_dan

1 month ago#12
Kaosorer_6 posted...
Null physical is less potent in SMT generally because Pierce exists (though it doesn't in Persona), but to imply light is a bigger threat than Physical esp. in Persona doesn't exactly seem right. There's no Homunculus for being Crit and more enemies are keen on whacking you over the head than casting Hama.
Later enemies DO start casting Hama and its higher percentage counterparts. What I'm saying is that some dev being like "yeah this is ok" is silly when insta-death mechs hit SUPER often especially if you have a weakness to it.
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daemon_dan posted...
Thinking that null physical is an OP skill in SMT.... You're new here, aren't you? Especially with that weakness to light and NO mitigation to it? Lol sitting duck.
I am new to this series, yes, but being immune to basic attacks is extremely powerful in any RPG, including this one. It doesn't matter if there's things that are more broken, that doesn't keep something that nullifies an entire damage type from being powerful.
In my entire run of this game, I ran into very few enemies that used light damage anyway, so I'd hardly call TC's Persona a "sitting duck" either way.

User Info: HA0U

1 month ago#14
random enemies using light
Dry Dixie, heaven
Light Balance, heaven
Fanatic Tower, magatsu
Hanged Minotaur I, Magatsu
Isolated Hand, hollowed

those neutral and weak to light not checked.
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User Info: songoku252

1 month ago#15
Am new to persona what are magician shuffle upgrades? Is it the skill up from shuffle time?
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User Info: AlisLandale

1 month ago#16
songoku252 posted...
Am new to persona what are magician shuffle upgrades? Is it the skill up from shuffle time?

Yeah. The cards that upgrade a skill to a higher tier.

User Info: bybyr

1 month ago#17
By a crazy luck, my persona's resist phys was upgraded into null phys too, and now the game is a cakewalk.
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User Info: NinjaBreakfast

1 month ago#18

there you have it folks, my gurr's final form

magician cards no longer upgrade anything :(
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User Info: Malfunction

4 weeks ago#20
gurr has been retired due to yoshi + hassou tobi :(
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