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User Info: HA0U

1 month ago#21
some people went to mod manual control into fes.
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User Info: JonasABlood

4 weeks ago#22
I played P4G on the Vita after playing P5 and I enjoyed it just as much. Sure, P5’s gameplay and style are more polished, but we’re looking at a 2012 version of a 2008 game vs a 2016 game that went through many delays.

But still, there are some aspects of 4 that I prefer over 5, specially characters. It’s hard for me to decide between 4 and 5 and I like them both almost equally. It’s just people’s preference for style and gameplay over story and characters.
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User Info: DrunkRoger

4 weeks ago#23
This is so much better than 5.

User Info: BlueSnow

4 weeks ago#24
DrunkRoger posted...
This is so much better than 5.

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User Info: Kazuya_80

4 weeks ago#25
Zero_Maniac posted...
Even with the age, FF7 is still better than the remake.
You cant compare them really.

User Info: Xanathar

3 weeks ago#26
P4G respects your time.

P5 doesn't. Everything about P5 is over done.

User Info: ForteEXEMaster

3 weeks ago#27
I'd have to agree with the general consensus.

P5R def is the best battle system, and great visuals. And I think the Maruki plot and endgame was better than Marie. But definitely the characters seem to only be bonded by being phantom thieves. And there weren't many group outings. Probably didn't help that 2-3 of the members didn't go to the same school either. Felt a lot like Persona 3. Haven't played Persona 5 Scramble, so who knows, maybe that'll change my opinion?

P4G, the game felt like you were hanging with your friends as a giant group way more than the individual social links or even the main mystery plot. Even Naoto, the last member, at least was introduced in the plot to the characters right after the first main dungeon and not just shoehorned in like Haru. And the group dynamic is maintained even in the dancing and arena spinoffs. I also LOVED that they got to interact with the Persona 3 cast in Arena and Ultimax.

Like to me, the most ideal game would be P4G's characters with P5Rs battle system and updates. Or a game with all the casts from P3-P5 (kinda like Q2) with P5R battle system.

User Info: Xanathar

3 weeks ago#28
I'll give P5 combat, everything else it does just doesn't respect your time.

The dungeons, even though they are more detailed, are somehow worse to get through.
I mean all you have to do is play a single dungeon in Persona 4 to immediately become bored. As fun as the combat is, nothing can save the monotony of wandering through endless hallways. P5's structured dungeons are way better, if they ever remake P4 I hope they go in that direction.
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User Info: tanjacob715

3 weeks ago#30
I played 5 before 4, but loved 4 and disliked 5. 5 is essentially "Persona 3/4: the More version":

1. More grandiose plot (saving the you know who, entire world cheering them on)
2. More elements to play with
3. More exotic characters
4. More waifu bait (even the "forbidden" types)
5. More elaborate dungeons

P5 is a better-designed game with better graphics and more interesting mechanics, but P4 has a more engaging and relatable story. After the initial shock and awe of P5 is over (by the second or third palace of so), its vacuity shows. I'd return my copy of P5 if I could, but I'm keeping my P4 on both my Vita and PC.
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