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User Info: Dredj

4 weeks ago#31
I voted for Rise based off of the intro, before I properly played the game, she just edged out Yukiko. After playing the game though Yukiko 100%, and I can't change my vote :(

User Info: Pantobias

1 week ago#32
>Naoto isn't first
Looks like we're gonna have a problem

User Info: HellSpawn666

1 week ago#33
Yukiko > Chie > Rise >>>> Naoto

User Info: Panozbot2997

5 days ago#34
Narukami12 posted...
Always the same thing. Either the reverse trap with super secret big boobs or the clingy basic b****.

Chie would be the most fun to actually be with due to being the most bro of the girls and would probably be the most affectionately loving of the bunch. Yukiko is a closet sadist that loves horror movies that would laugh at your stupid jokes. Both are probably closet nerds that would play video games and watch anime with you too.

Naoto and Rise will likely be too focused on work to actually be with you and would probably find your habbits and hobbies annoying after a while unless it directly coincides with theirs, especially Naoto, though she likely wouldn't cheat on you.

Rise is totally gonna cheat on you when she gets bored.

So yeah, Chie and Yukiko are the best choices.
Eh what makes you think Rise would cheat lol? She only flirts with Yu the entire game, even gets jealous with he's with Ai or Marie, it's not like she flirts with a load of guys (even says I love you at the end regardless of your social link) and if you do pursue the social link, the relationship seems extremely strong. Idk why people act like Rise is a thot, when she flirts with one guy only the entire game. She's not a thot, she's just open about her feelings for the guy that she does like. And Rise is actually pretty wholesome lmao, there's no way she'd cheat on anyone.
(edited 5 days ago)
oh no, i've been defeated. but i can't fall here, i must make my retreat.
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