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User Info: Ser_Jaker

2 months ago#1
Ethan actually lost his hand in Castle Dimitrescu? He didn't reattach it and the whole rest of the game took place without his hand.

I feel like it'd be a disturbing "holy s***" moment and more cement Alcina D as way more threatening.

I guess they'd have to change reload animations and style but it's fun to think about.
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User Info: Zed7777ZR1

2 months ago#2
Using this logic, the Lycans are the most threatening thing in the game.
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User Info: The-19th-Sparta

2 months ago#3
Then I guess Ethan would just have to defeat all the enemies in the game with his massive dong and steel balls, huh?
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User Info: PFreece

2 months ago#4
they already did that with his fingers missing

and plus it doesn't even make sense from a plot perspective considering ethan can regrow a heart at the end of the game

User Info: Perfect_Cyborg

2 months ago#5
Oh the horrors.......

User Info: siberian142

2 months ago#6
There’s other ways to make Alcina threatening than messing with the animations for the rest of the game (would Ethan even be able to use guns like the sniper rifle/grenade launcher/etc with one hand?). She’s slow and has a ton of wind up on her attacks and I didn’t feel like she was much of a threat unless she cornered me or I got caught between her and a daughter, the latter of which happened like once throughout my playthrough. Make her faster, give her more attacks/gap closers, increase her range.

I wouldn’t had felt losing a hand permanently would’ve been satisfying anyways since she teleported down there to do it lol.
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  3. How would you have felt if.... (spoilers)
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