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User Info: Darkstorm16

1 month ago#1
I’ve never fully played one until this game, I’ve done research for the most part and get the jist of everything and know some characters same with Ethan’s backstory. The only other one I kinda played through was a demo for resident evil revelations for the 3DS and enjoyed that quite a bit. That being said I want to play through them all eventually, a coworker told me the best way is through the remakes, don’t play the original psone copies. That being said, I grew up on psone my game though at the time was loads of jrpgs, Spyro, and crash because I think I was 10 at the time so my parents didn’t buy M-rated games for me. Should I ignore my coworker and still play the psone copy or would I be better off with remake?
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User Info: SSJ_Jin

1 month ago#2
You should play both the originals and remakes, but you need to find out if you like tank controls or not. If you don't then don't bother, if you're fine then play them. Start with REmake 1 and try the tank controls. If you don't like it you can turn them off. That'll let you know if it's worth playing RE2 or RE3 originals, (I guess you can skip OG RE1, but it wouldn't hurt to try it if you like tank controls).

User Info: Alkamizt

1 month ago#3
The originals are dated, play the remakes.
You only need to play:

Remake 1
Remake 2

You can basically skip 3 if you want, as it takes place at the same time and place as RE2.

User Info: Venage1995

1 month ago#4
You have a lot of work ahead of you considering that there a gazillion games. A summary on how to start:
For RE1, you can go both ways but I highly recommend the Remake, it has almost everything the original had and then some. For 2 and 3, the originals alone will do.
Then it's the tricky part, your next game is not a numbered entry but it's technically the fourth entry: Code Veronica X. You can get it on pretty much every version but I highly recommend the PS3 HD version as this the one it runs the best to my knowledge. And the then it's straight from here, 4, 5, 6 etc.
You could try some spin offs the Revelations and Chronicles games for some extra backstory but I mostly recommend the Revelations game. Chronicles is rail shooter so they are not really worth it.
I've heard the Outbreas games are also alright but I haven't played them myself plus they are not available on consoles unless you have a ps2 still standing. If you have a PC, you can get them there.
And that's pretty much it. Welcome to the club :)

EDIT: Oh I forgot Zero. It's a prequel to RE1 and while it is a main game. I would suggest you play it after RE1 and RE2 so you can be aware of certain story elements like who Wesker and Birkin are.
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User Info: edward18

1 month ago#5
I would say, if you want to start at the beginning, start with the remake of 1 (though I do enjoy the Saturn version of the original version on occasion), then, if you want (and have the patience for it) do 0 since 0 ruins major plot points of 1 if you play 0 first.

After 1 I would say the original version of 2. The remake of 2 looks nice technically, but it changes stuff a bit too drastically to work as well with the rest of the series as the remake of 1 does.

3 you should absolutely play the original as the remake of 3 is practically incompatible with the rest of the series with the changes that it makes to the lore and is the most unrecognizable to the original out of all the remakes (just as a note the first half of 3 takes place before 2 and the second half takes place after).

Across the duration of 2 and 3 (and in the days leading up to those games) Outbreak takes place.

Survivor takes place a few months after that, but it's a side game.

After Survivor is Code Veronica which, from what I've seen, might be the best in the remaster they did for the PS3.

Operation Javier from Darkside Chronicles takes place after that following up on some things from Code Veronica and 2.

Dead Aim takes place after that, though it is a side game.

The final chapters of Umbrella Chronicles take place after that and are what show how Umbrella is finally destroyed.

4 takes place about a year after those events. The Wii version is the best version of that one.

I believe Revelations takes place after that.

5 takes place after that and Revelation's final scene actually somewhat leads into the events of 5. If you get 5 though make sure it's Gold Edition so you get all the extra content.

Revelations 2 would take place after that one.

Then 6 takes place, but most people agree it's the worst main game of the series. You'd have to play it though to decide for yourself.

I think Umbrella Corps takes place after that, but it also is pretty unliked by the fans.

Then 7 takes place which introduces Ethan and after that 8 happens.
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User Info: Knifegash

1 month ago#6
4 is a cool game, but entirely skippable as a RE game.
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User Info: TrueGB

1 month ago#7
Play what you want. You're an adult. Make your own decisions. You like Revelations? Cool. Play it again and start from there. Go to Revelations 2, then any other RE that plays similar (RE2make and RE3make). You like those, move on to any other game that is available on current platforms. Ignore anyone who tells you to skip "this or that game". They're just fanboys. The story is goofy fun so it doesn't really matter what order you play the games in.
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User Info: edward18

1 month ago#8
Or...ya know...let the TC listen to what they are ASKING PEOPLE ABOUT...
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