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User Info: IGotMUFFins

2 months ago#1
I'm doing a Strength Build for my character (Starting Class Knight). I'm going to be taking my character well beyond SL. 120 and eventually maxing out all stats.

My question is regarding what stats I should prioritize? I know I'm going to be focusing on Vitality/Endurance/Strength. But which stat should I focus on first? Vitality? Endurance? Strength? Or just a mix between the three?

Would appreciate any input :)

User Info: ephman97

2 months ago#2
Personally I would focus on VIT first, then END, then STR. This would be a conservative approach which focuses on survivability. You won't kill things as fast, but you'll be less likely to die. If you're planning on using the crescent falchion +1 or any dragon weapons in NG (which probably makes sense unless you're doing a role-playing run), it makes having a high STR less important in NG.

However, if you're very confident in your abilities or more risk-loving, you can reverse the order and focus on STR first, then END, then VIT. This would be more of a glass cannon build, where you'd do more damage but also die faster.

Good luck, demon slayer!
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User Info: FinallyIndigo

2 months ago#3
Get STR/DEX to the minimum needed to wield your early game weapon(s) of choice (doing a bit of research to help you decide on a weapon will help greatly here), then I'd focus on VIT/END, levelling them up to 20 in a 2:1 spread. At this point, you should be in a good position to decide if you need a higher equip weight/stamina vs. more HP (basically, do you want/need to equip heavier weapons and armour while maintaining a lower encumbrance vs. wanting more of a "mistake buffer"). Once both of these aspects seem to be in a comfortable place for you, you can finally go back to levelling STR above minimum weapon requirements.

The reason I advocate waiting to level STR until later is because you'll gain much more of a damage increase at the beginning from simply upgrading weapons than you will from a few levels of STR, levels which will give much more of a noticeable benefit being dedicated to VIT/END early on.
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User Info: Dr_M

2 months ago#4
Gone Roguelike.

User Info: Ishagu

2 months ago#5
Vitality, Strength, Endurance.

Dexterity is also useful.

Keep in mind some of the best weapons in the game use scaling from stats like Faith. Do you want to use a fancy sword like the great moonlight blade, or the blue blood sword? Or perhaps a dedicated strength weapon?
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User Info: euler007

2 months ago#6
On my first runs I prioritized damage scaling stats to try to kill enemies in fewer hits, thinking it was the easier way. Then I did a build that I was going to delevel (to learn magic and then go back to base), so I sunk everything in vitality. It's amazing how much easier the start of the game is if you sink your points in VIT and use a fire weapon. I never understood why people said to level VIT early in soulsborne game until that run.

User Info: ssj_duelist

2 months ago#7
Magic, intelligence, faith, luck.
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User Info: Sasquatch8080

2 months ago#8
Ya Str, Vit, End, and 16 Faith (for Meat Cleaver). I had the most fun with that weapon on NG+ and beyond due to its straight ability to knock down (R2) and throw most enemies (R1). I was using Northern Regalia for everything else.
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