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  3. 3 crashes in an hour with the new patch!

User Info: dspmusik

1 month ago#1
The game has been flawless from launch, new patch installed, 3 crashes in an hour.

I didn’t do any luck glitches or anything else.

good for you guys?
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User Info: TheBoss69er

1 month ago#2
pre patch: 1 crash in like 15 hours

post patch: 2 crashes in 6 hours (and one of them was right after finally beating flamelurker so I almost went crazy. Somehow the game booted right back up without needing a restart. It was weird, wasn’t technically a full crash. Never saw anything like that on PS4)
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User Info: MrMojoRisin357

1 month ago#3
1 crash with new patch but pretty much flawless.
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User Info: Caint_speel

1 month ago#4
Yea I’ve had a crashes after patch and a few before. I’ve had a lot of glitching on spiderman also. Don’t know if it’s hardware issues or what but I’m hoping Sony can deal with these issues.

User Info: Jeannie13

1 month ago#5
What is going on? Godfall was the same, 0 crashes and then game was hot fixed, now it crashes between 2-3 hours.

User Info: Breaker8387

1 month ago#6
Post patch my game crashed against armored spider on ng+ 🤣
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  3. 3 crashes in an hour with the new patch!
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