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User Info: JAW2688

2 months ago#11
Anyone check if the deluxe edition weapons can be upgraded?
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User Info: kah

2 months ago#12
I wonder if they fixed the spell memory glitch.

User Info: JAW2688

2 months ago#13
Ring of Longevity heal still works
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User Info: fatih361

2 months ago#14
Choppa675 posted...
Maybe they fixed the luck glitch?
What luck glitch?

User Info: Gwyns_Beard

2 months ago#15
Tidal22 posted...
Looks like they patched out server support for Scotland. Damn!

Weirdly, it gives me north Virginia as the closest server to me. I have no idea why. Smallest ping there for some reason.
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User Info: Adam_Ace

2 months ago#16
kah posted...
I wonder if they fixed the spell memory glitch.

Am I the only one just finding out about half these glitches? Literally feels like every post has been a different random glitch so far.
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User Info: Lightsbane-

2 months ago#17
No I haven’t heard of the ring glitch yet. I can assume how the glictch works tho. But I was busy playing the game, not visiting forums 😎
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User Info: PS4TW

2 months ago#18
My game won’t even start after the new patch
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User Info: Choppa675

2 months ago#19
fatih361 posted...
What luck glitch?
Where you use a gold coin and then level up with Maiden in Black. After that your luck goes through the roof... Basically up to 84k or so and you can make it even higher by using more coins.
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User Info: nowhere2hide

2 months ago#20
So what does the patch do?
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