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User Info: BogheadXT70

5 years ago#1
This is by no means the best Sonic game, but the fact that this game is 15 is significant because Sonic Adventure 2 Battle and Sonic Advance would be, later in the year the first Sonic games on a Nintendo console (Sonic Adventure 2 Battle on Gamecube and Sonic Advance on Gameboy Advance respectively).

Sonic Adventure 2 Battle is a good game nothing more it was disappointing compared to its prequel which was great and was a disappointing early Gamecube game as well (I only had it on Gamecube). It just didn't feel very Sonic like, the story however was great and the music was also very good.

Out of Sonic Adventure 2 Battle and Sonic Advance, the better game was by far Sonic Advance which (while not quite as good as Sonic 1, or Sonic 2) was a classic and felt very much like a Sonic game.

It has been really good having Sonic games on Nintendo consoles with classics like Sonic Advance, Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic Rush, Sonic Rush Adventure, Sonic Colours (both DS and Wii versions), Sonic Generations 3DS, Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, Sega Super Stars Tennis (both DS and Wii versions), Sonic Unleashed Wii and Mario + Sonic at the Winter Olympics and as well as that possibly others. Yes there are classic Sonic on Xbox and Playstation consoles, but here I am only discussing Nintendo consoles/games.

Plus Mario, Sonic and Mii (with Mii I mean being able to play as yourself alongside Mario and Sonic) in one game is a dream come true; I have always wanted Mario, Sonic and myself (Mii) in one game.

User Info: SpaceXoDDity

5 years ago#2
I think this game doesn't deserve the hate it got over the years. It has its rough spots sure, and (to me atleast) it is not as fun as SA1, but SA2 is definitely one of the best games in the series.
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