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User Info: xXhakuhyouXx

7 years ago#1
So, I'm getting a Dreamcast this March, and this game, and I was wondering...

Is it any easier to control this game on the Dreamcast version than on Gamecube version? Because I have this on Gamecube, and I feel the controls aren't performing correctly. It's not my controller- other games work fine. It's just this game. I think it's because they ported it, and it was meant for a Dreamcast controller... But I don't know. Maybe the controls just suck.
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User Info: 1337Rooster

7 years ago#2
I think they are pretty much the shame. Its hard to get a handle on the controls in this game because of the pace.

But out of all the 3d sonic games I've played. I think this one controls the smoothest.

The unleashed/Generations speed boost basically makes it control like a driving game when you go full speed, requiring you to drift around corners.

This game stays a bit slower and trying to keep the parkour and platforming feel alive through the levels. There is a bit of glue/locking into place that goes on that this game uses to help with it. For example timing a trick jump (at the end of a ramp or rail) will move sonic in a predefined path. This also occurs with a few other objects in the game, such as boosters, enemies placed for homing attacks, grinding on rails, etc.

So a bit part of doing well and getting A ranks is running through the levels fluidly and keeping the parkour movements going. Every time you land a trick or combo homing attacks sonic is awarded points (and is awarded more if you pull off the trick just right). Getting enough points awards you an A rank at the end of the level.

So the way you play the sonic/shadow levels is to land tricks, then race toward the next trick. Pretty much. As for the other two types of levels, I agree that the controls aren't super great. Aiming conflicts with movement in tails levels and you need to operate the camera a lot in knuckles levels.

I really like the game design, its very satisfying to fly through the levels with parkour movement and the game rewards you with the points whenand some glue to keep you moving the correct way when you do so.

Anyways it just takes some practice and its really rewarding when you get it right. Maybe if you elaborate on what parts are hard to control or where you are having issues I can help more.
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User Info: pedro45

7 years ago#3
to me, it's more the forced camera than the controls. the camera is mostly improved over the last one it seems, but by having it kinda dynamic and locked at some points.

you'll wanna turn the camera but it won't want you to, but then you jump and it follows you, kinda forcing you to rotate the stick. playing this game for the first time, it isn't hard to control, but the camera just seems better and worse at the same time over the first. i feel like the first allowed you to control the camera whenever, even when it would just turn into a wall and mess up your view :p
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User Info: strife14467

7 years ago#6
Futureshadows posted...
Be warned that the chao garden on Dreamcast is extremely basic. There is no chao store, so you only get basic chao eggs in game.

Wasn't there a Chao Black Market in the Dreamcast version too, but was only available online? It's been so long since I actually played the DC version, but I can swear it had an online Black Market.

User Info: pedro45

7 years ago#7
after playing this one for a good amount time, i say stick to the first. holy crap...there's less adventure in this one over the first. this game just gets me frustrated. it's prettier, that's about it.
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