Offline Steam mode? Is there or is there not a time limit?

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User Info: TheNeckbeard

6 years ago#1
I know and have put steam in offline mode a few times. But I'm not sure how long this is allowed.

Things aren't good financially for me at the moment I got my wages garnished by court, for medical bills. As such I'm thinking I may need to cancel my internet next pay cycle possibly and it may be down for a long time. 6 months or longer.

If I do, I need/want access to a few of my Steam games, at least Skyrim.

But if steam requires me after like 3 weeks.. a month or two months etc to suddenly sign in, then this won't do at all. I've never seen a straight answer on this. I've had some people say after a couple weeks Steam would require me to sign in again.

I just need to know for sure what the details/rules are for this.

User Info: SinisterSlay

6 years ago#2
Contact Steam support and ask them
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User Info: arleas

6 years ago#3
The longest I've been without internet is about one month and during that time I was able to play almost all of my games just fine. Unfortunately, that was ages ago and Valve could have changed their policy in that time.

I'd have to say that asking Steam support (or asking on the steam forums) would be a good idea.

If nothing else, you may want to see about some kind of dial-up option as a backup. Borrow an old modem from someone somewhere and once a month log in to steam with it. Of course if any of your games are needing to be updated then this will suck because you'll see that it takes 4 months to finish your download at 40Kbps or whatever, but if you can somehow avoid that situation it'll at least let you continue playing offline.

Another option would be to try to have your internet merely downgraded to the lowest tier of service (unless it's already there and you STILL can't afford it).

User Info: iammaxhailme

6 years ago#4
Possibly sneak onto the connection at a starbucks or something once in a while to refresh a log on?
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User Info: Iron_Badger

6 years ago#5
From: iammaxhailme | #004
Possibly sneak onto the connection at a starbucks or something once in a while to refresh a log on?

OOOOoooor, he can just go to the library or a school.

User Info: thoul

6 years ago#6
It may depend on the game. Some games require an always on connection for authentication, particularly those with DLC. Dragon Age, for example, won't let you play with a save that uses DLC unless you're online.

The Steam service itself, however, doesn't seem to have a limit of that nature. I've gone for months at a time without using Steam at all, then launched the client with no issues. When I try to log into the web site after a long period of not doing so, I usually have to confirm my account via e-mail again before I can login. But that doesn't seem to affect the client.
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User Info: Untimely Demise

Untimely Demise
6 years ago#7
There is no limit to how long you can keep Steam in Offline Mode and you can leave it like that indefinitely. A couple things of note though:

-In order to use Offline mode you need to have Steam set up to save your login details. It may also be necessary to have Steam login automatically, though I don't believe this to be the case.

-Before setting Steam to Offline Mode any games you want to have access to will need to be fully updated and you will need to have started each game at least once in order for Steam to finalize the installation process.

-I would also recommend that while you still have internet access is to try out each game in Offline Mode with your internet connection disabled to verify that each works. Some games have extra DRM and such beyond Steam that requires an internet connection (some Ubisoft for example). Also, Steam sometimes doesn't properly update it's client files so it can actually remember the fact that a game is fully installed (usually because of issues with a firewall).

User Info: SEANGO91

6 years ago#8
I thought that steam had to verify your login info after a certain amount of time (30 days?). If your using a laptop then this shouldn't be a problem to make a trip to a library/cafe occasionally. If you are using a desktop you're probably best finding a friend that you can borrow a cup of internet from.

User Info: Black_Zero_X

6 years ago#9
A perfect thread for me. Have the same problem like TC, though for different reason.

I guess I'll ask Steam Support or Forum for more clarifications.
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User Info: TheNeckbeard

6 years ago#10
I posed this question to steam support and they confirmed that there is certain things that will force you to go back online and reactivate your offline mode to allowed to play games periodically.

I tried to clarify further what that those things were but the support guy said he couldn't reveal that information.
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