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  2. Paper Mario: The Origami King
  3. Am I the only one who likes PM64 more than TTYD?

User Info: jigglyclusters

1 week ago#1
I thought TTYD had bad level design in an otherwise good game.

The first will always remain superior to me.

User Info: Valkenhyne

1 week ago#2
They're both excellent. PM64 is a great classic RPG.

User Info: raulgarcia2

1 week ago#3
oh definitely not lul.

64 >>> TTYD
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User Info: EzraGenesis

1 week ago#4
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User Info: BrerOswald

1 week ago#5
Nope. I feel the same
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User Info: Constructe

1 week ago#6
No there’s a lot of reasons to prefer the first one. Though TTYD is my favorite still
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Nah I enjoy both games but prefer 64 myself. The only Paper Mario game I don't like is Sticker Star.

User Info: LonelyGoomba

1 week ago#8
I prefer 64 too
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User Info: Mediocre_Dunce

1 week ago#9
there are some things I like more in 64. I like how some of the areas in 64 are connected by foot, where in Thousand Year Door none of the areas are connected. Also some other things like some things about the art design i prefer more in 64.
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User Info: DMZapp

1 week ago#10
While TTYD is better in most ways, PM64 is more consistent in quality across the whole game. So I’m with you on that.
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  2. Paper Mario: The Origami King
  3. Am I the only one who likes PM64 more than TTYD?
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