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User Info: klecser

4 months ago#1
Help on Cryssalids is appreciated. I drew a Retaliation Mission map with tons of buildings and needing to rescue civilians. The Cryssilids are killing Civilians in fog-of-war, and I can't get to the pods fast enough to destroy them before they spawn more. If I rush into an area, I just get murdered by Crysslids or other troops. I can't slow play it, because Cryssalids will just spawn like crazy.

I've played this same mission over again about a dozen times. Can I get the six civilians and then evac?
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User Info: mrdpcohen

4 months ago#2
This is tough! And by now, you’ve probably moved past this mission.

I desperately try to avoid missions with cryssalids and civilians. It’s a horrible combo. Depending on your soldier composition, you might have to eat this mission.

Some general tips: bladestorm (a ranger ability) and retribution (skirmisher) are both powerful against melee units like cryssalids. Just move your soldier in range and cross your fingers.

Also: mimic beacons are rather broken. Have you tried using one of these to draw enemy aggro? A mimic beacon plus a sniper with enhanced over watch can be a lethal combo.

User Info: klecser

4 months ago#3

Yeah, I've tried the mimic beacons and like them. I'm still working on figuring out where to place the mimic and the timing of placing it.

I was using Bladestorm with three rangers but that still wasn't enough because they couldn't one shot them. I ended up just evacing after rescuing six, and I'm not sure that really did anything because I still lost the region. But I had it back in six days, so ti wasn't that big of a set back.

At the very least I'm glad that Cryssalids + rescue civilians isn't seen as some obviously easy combo. ;)

User Info: Termin8r

4 months ago#4
Yeah sometimes you end up in situations where it's just not worth it to continue fighting due to the high risk of casualties, especially if one of the Chosen shows up.

User Info: klecser

4 months ago#5
Cryssalid Retaliation is just stupid. They might as well just have a "you lose a region" and be done with it. I understand the common suggestions. Bladestorm. I get it. I don't want all my rangers to have Bladestorm. Implacable is less situation dependent.

I mean, I've also considered just not rushing and resigning myself to just carefully chewing through dozens of Cryssalids. The effort it takes to stop a huge Cryssalid storm usually results in soldier death.
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User Info: Cidastor

4 months ago#6
It's likely your overall approach to the mission.

Only tips I can give with too little info.

1. When you can always take the high ground for the aim bonus.
2. Don't use more then 2 of any class type in a mission unless you have to use rookies early game.
3. Don't rely on overwatch too much. It wastes bullets.
4. If you have too , experiment attacking out of cover to get shots. Especially in a terror mission.
This sounds riskier then it is. So long as you can heal the unit next turn and there are civs around.
If theres only 1-2 enemies I did this alot.
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