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  3. How long did it take you to realize Ansel was a dude?

User Info: Sherlock_H

5 months ago#1

After rolling him, I thought he was just a chick in shorts. Completely ignored him afterwards since I was using Shining and Hibiscus.
Later, I looked up the tier list and saw he was listed as a male, so I was like "Wait, what?"
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User Info: red255

5 months ago#2
I didn't realize this was a thing people could get wrong. I suppose all dudes are just chicks in shorts, and maybe futanari.

not really that concerned with Ansel because as mentioned I wasn't really using him. Game gives me a max potential 4 star why would I use a 3 star?

yeah I used him for annihilation 2 because the guide I used said I needed 3 medics or something. But I didn't realize people questioned his gender.
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User Info: yveltianknight9

5 months ago#3
Erm, he's got a different range profile from the 4* I think (if it's the 1 u get with credits)
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User Info: Protian

4 months ago#4
The same amount of time it took me to realize Shaw is a girl.
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  3. How long did it take you to realize Ansel was a dude?
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