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User Info: Sherlock_H

9 months ago#1
Renxing Tu: "Follow me" feat. Zhiyu Moke

User Info: KumagawaMisogi

9 months ago#2
Apple pie~ ଘ(੭ˊᵕˋ)੭* ੈ✩‧₊˚
[Welcome to Class Minus Thirteen. The water here... Is shallow.]

User Info: gotohades

9 months ago#3
That's impossible, since Zima exists.

Seriously though, the character art for every character in this game is just astonishing. I also love that everyone's design is rather practical given the environment they're in, and it's not just anime women with huge boobs everywhere. I mean, I am a guy who enjoys the female form, but it's a nice change of pace to play something where all the female units aren't competing for world's largest boobs.

All the units have unique personalities as well, which is also pretty neat.
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User Info: dragonkyn20

9 months ago#4
Projekt Red is sad to hear such blasphemy.
PSN: dragonkyn20; FFXIV Mateus: Kairo Fujima

User Info: Is_Corrupted

9 months ago#5
Ko ko da yo.
Marcus is the answer for anything except "best unit who isn't Marcus," but even then he is a strong contender. - PokeAMon

User Info: yveltianknight9

4 months ago#6
Lappland is my fave, followed by angalina and Shaw.
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User Info: red255

4 months ago#7
the girl in the shop is rather cute I believe her name is Closure.
If the next one is called, because of his MO, the underwear bomber, you'll know I'm on to something. Calvin Trillin June 16, 2006.
(edited 4 months ago)
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