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  3. Am I the only one willing to play it before complaining?

User Info: NHaman

2 days ago#1
I loved OG 3. I loved OG 2. I loved RE2 Remake. I'm fairly certain I'm gonna love RE3 Remake. From what I hear they've cut quite a bit out of this and expanded on certain other areas.

If they did cut spiders, crows, clock tower, park and the dead factory, big whoop. I'm not gonna b**** about it until I've played it for myself. I doubt I'll hate what they've replaced it with anyway. Give Capcom a fighting chance at least before you trolls rip on a game you haven't played yet.

I can't even believe how many users I've blocked in the last month. What is wrong with some of these people?

User Info: -Frog-

2 days ago#2
If you've blocked a bunch of people you don't agree with then why are you making this topic? Ah, nevermind, it's to circle jerk with those who agree with you.

The fact that some people aren't all in due to some cut content shouldn't bother you this much if in fact it doesn't bother you.
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User Info: Yuji Kaido

Yuji Kaido
2 days ago#3
I will play and enjoy. Personally I don't remember 75% of the stuff as I played RE2 more.
"Just another free win." - Goddess Jacqui Briggs
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User Info: StrykeBlayde

2 days ago#4
A number of those accounts likely belong to a troll who advertises an apparent crackhead on Youtube. But yeah, people reading leaks and then going "Well that's not what I wanted" are gonna be disappointed when they don't even give the game a chance.

User Info: CODEumb87

2 days ago#5
I’m also gonna wait until I’ve played it before giving final judgements. The people upset over Gravedigger and Clock Tower apparently have already given their final verdict 🤷‍♂

User Info: Offworlder1

2 days ago#6
There are so many trolls here on this board now it's pointless to even believe most of the people slamming the game when it is not out yet for much of the world.

I also believe everyone should judge the game for themselves not what others think.
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User Info: D_R_I_G

2 days ago#7
Yup. I fully intend to check it out myself before feeling one way or another about this game. If it's good, good. If it's bad, on to the next game.
People will complain regardless of what is made in the same way people will freak out and hoard toilet paper at the drop of a hat.

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User Info: CODEumb87

2 days ago#9
ienzo105 posted...
This game is complete s***. I've already cancelled my preorder. Lol @ Crapcom.

Oh and to those who think iT'S onLY jUsT tHe CLocK tOWeR

Here's a list at everything they removed:

No Clock tower
No Mercenaries
No live selection
No spiders
No crows
No Brain Suckers
Drain Deimos turns into uninteresting critters
No park
No dead factory
Not as many weapons as the original (no freeze rounds)
No Gravedigger
s*** intro

You're really gonna add in Spiders and Crows just to further that list even though nobody was expecting them after RE2R.


User Info: FNFred

2 days ago#10
I can't wait to explore the streets of Raccoon City again, @NHaman

So hype for this game!
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  3. Am I the only one willing to play it before complaining?
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