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  3. Rumored Netflix Resident evil brings back (milla) Alice and 2nd show

User Info: maxthunder30

2 days ago#1

User Info: the-maxx

2 days ago#2
Wow. Even more good news...

User Info: ChiefStabaHoe

2 days ago#3
Not this s*** again
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User Info: Arizona_Joe

2 days ago#5
Carmen-Sandeigo posted...
At least its something new, rather this now than this all new upcoming edition of Resident Evil 3 with how much shills and fake Resident Evil fans are defending this strikeout.

Shills continues to defend this strikeout. First they think game will be expanded but now we know it's not, they say we should never expect them to anyway.

Clock tower one of the most memorable places in the original cut. Fake Resident Evil fans say itll be in the game. But now we know it's not even enterable. They say clock tower was never important lol.

Gravedigger cut and it was the only other boss besides Nemesis, even a chase sequence like the alligator would have been better than nothing. Now fake Resident Evil fans says we didn't need Gravedigger. Lol what?

Giant Spider, Brain Suckers, Drain Deimos replaced by half ass small enemies, crows cut. But fake Resident Evil fans say they didn't matter. Again lol.

Dead Factory gone and deconstructed. Replace by a copy and paste lab.
Mercenaries gone, game is shoter, live selection gone, multiple endings gone. But fake Resident Evil fans continue to defend this strikeout.

If a video game hurt me this much I'd probably I don't know just go play something else.

User Info: WingZero0782

2 days ago#6
Alice, pass!!!
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User Info: D_R_I_G

2 days ago#7
Ouch... my brain..!!

User Info: ManuMIAS

2 days ago#8
make a series about Alice is better than rather the other show about a nobody. I mean Sienna Guillory, Johann Urb, Ali Larter and Wentworth Miller are tv actors so there's a chance they can expand their characters on a show, which I would absolubtly love.

My problems with the other netflix show is that the story is random, not really game related another nobody.

If you gave me an option I rather they continue Alice story and bring Wentworth and some of the characters that weren't in the final chapters and give them their own closures.

Paul Anderson can make great action scenes with a lowbudget so I hope we can see Alice and friends back. Also bring back Shawn Roberts's Wesker and make him the big bad guy because dying from a door was kinda silly.
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after the movie series? when almost everyone is dead? sounds lame.

I'd rather have it be a raccoon city outbreak kind of show. I think you could do a lot without it turning into walking dead.

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User Info: evil_zombie11

2 days ago#10
Omg this could be the second cycle of RE cringe. Can’t we just get a gritty dark version? D:
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