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  3. Which Resident Evil had the best story?

User Info: Spiral_Wind

3 days ago#1
Of just the mainline games which I suppose should include Revelations 1 and 2, which game do you think has the best story?

I've played through 0, 1, 4 and 5 over the past few weeks and I'd probably say 5 had the strongest story of that bunch.

User Info: Jx1010

3 days ago#2
6 has the best story and all the characters stories come together

User Info: Venage27

3 days ago#3
Probably 5 because it warps up the Umbrella storyline imo which they later butchered with the Neo Umbrella and Blue Umbrella garbage in 6 and 7 but still, killing Wesker brought the series to a proper closure for the 4 protagonists(even though Leon and Claire weren't there) as he was the last remnant that tied them with the nightmares of Umbrella.
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User Info: D_R_I_G

3 days ago#4
I liked 5 the best. Probably has more to do with the acting and presentation than the writing though.

User Info: edward18

3 days ago#5
Code Veronica no contest.
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User Info: Duallton

3 days ago#6
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User Info: TheDawnRider

3 days ago#7
I have a soft spot for Code Veronica. Despite all the (charming) sillyness there is a decently interesting and fun story. 5 sucked ass. Generic action movie crap and ruined Wesker and Spencer's backstory in a single scene. (Wesker Children) Also besides Wesker who is atleast somewhat fun everyone is forgettable. Chris is a generic tough guy soldier and Sheva and Josh are boring as hell. Oh, Jill was ruined too btw. It "ties up the story"? Yeah and does a horrible job doing it.
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User Info: -Frog-

2 days ago#8
Original 3. They were simple, fun and to the point and laid some fun lore to get into. It got convoluted the further they got and made a mess of it.
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User Info: Morpheus102686

2 days ago#9
For a single game, OG 2 easily. However, if multiple games can be counted, then the OG trilogy as the Umbrella arc is great and it was still somewhat grounded sci-fi. Later games from 4 on had crappy unrealistic s*** like alien parasites, giant statues chasing you, clones, etc.
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User Info: WingZero0782

2 days ago#10
OG 2 & 3.

CV lead nowhere, 4 was a side story, 5 was decent but cheesy as f*** and 6 was just bad.

7 was decent though.
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