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User Info: Jakesr

1 week ago#1
Would the CV remake only be considered down to the success of remake 3 or do you think they leave it out. CV was my first ever Resident Evil game I played and have alot good memories about it.

User Info: BlackNine34435

1 week ago#2
I predict they put REmakes on the back burner for a while, unless RE 3 does outrageously well, then maybe a Code Veronica remake could become a more immediate priority for Capcom. Either way I think it's definitely possible.

User Info: Shienryuu

1 week ago#3
I'm currently on my second playthrough ever of CV (about to finish Claire's island segment) and I feel the game would've benefitted from a RE2/3-style remake much, much more than those two games. The world is expansive, there's a great number of dynamic scenes, ambience is spot on, there's a lot more story and background present than in 2/3. Perfect pick for this engine. But I very much doubt they'll produce a CV remake anytime soon if ever.

User Info: riddlebox89

1 week ago#4
I think if REmake 3 is decently successful, they'll consider doing a CV remake, but they might hold off on remakes for a while until after RE8.
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User Info: angolmoa

1 week ago#5
they said 3 remakes re2 and re3 we don't know what the third game will be..could be so they remake all there games.
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User Info: Hero3ziz

1 week ago#6
I seriously doubt they'll ever remake it.
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User Info: ezio899

1 week ago#7
angolmoa posted...
they said 3 remakes re2 and re3 we don't know what the third game will be..could be so they remake all there games.
The amount of trolling that would happen if they remake REmake 1 would be insane. If one detail is out of place it will make the haters of 2/3 Remakes look like a joke.

User Info: lordinfamous

1 week ago#8
The most logical would be to remake CV, so I hope it's going to be that one.

User Info: FunnyMay

1 week ago#9
CV doesn't fit the remakes' philosophy of increased realism. It's full on camp all the way, with over-the-top characters and situations. Just take the opening cinematic alone.

CV was the RE that started turning the characters into superheroes and villains into over-the-top personas.

While 2 and 3 remakes worked well in the paradigm of "take the originals and make them more grounded", it just wouldn't fly with CV, I think. The story would require a major rewrite in order for many scenes and plot points to not look stupid by current standards. And that would make it a different game.

So I think there won't be a CV remake, or any more remakes of later titles for a good while. They'll probably focus on continuing the main series and making more spinoffs (revelations was quite successful as far as I remember).

User Info: AliceRed130

1 week ago#10
Doubtful. CV is too out there, if realism obsessed capcom decided to remake it they'd basically remove or alter so much it wouldnt even slightly resemble the original game anymore.
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