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  3. What did classic RE1-3 do better than their remakes?

User Info: weskercommander

1 week ago#1
The remakes improve on the originals in a lot of ways but it doesn't mean they're perfect. What parts do you think were done better in the original games?

  • Soundtrack. Many of the same tunes were redone but I still think the original versions sounded better. Didn't like that they removed some tracks like First Floor Mansion and Basement. Most of the new ones that were exclusive to the remake sounded pretty generic.
  • Vibrancy of the original mansion. The remake added more detail to the rooms making them feel less empty, but the lack of color made everything feel dull and lifeless. Going back to RE1 I'm noticing some of the rooms did have much nicer interior design.
  • Classic Barry. Even more so now after Revelations 2 where he was closer to his original portrayal rather than the remake's one.

  • Story consistency between the A/B scenarios.
  • City street sections worked better at the start of the game rather than between the RPD and Sewers/Orphanage.
  • The Marshalling Yard was more memorable than the expanded sewer section.
  • The original design of Birkin's lab was more grounded and visually distinctive than The NEST which was going a bit too far into Star Wars territory with its appearance.
  • Ada's original cover story with John added continuity between RE1-2 and her search for him was no less believable than Claire looking for Chris. The FBI cover just came across as too Hollywood and wasn't remotely convincing with the red dress and paparazzi trench coat she was wearing.
  • Some of the other character portrayals like Claire, Annette and Irons were done better in the original.
  • Super Tyrant's original design. The remake's felt kind of lazy.
  • Soundtrack although the DLC solves that issue.

  • Clock Tower, Park and Dead Factory were unique locations that set RE3 apart from the other games and were far more memorable than just another underground lab that was visually identical to The NEST from RE2's remake.
  • Jill visiting the RPD feels more fitting than Carlos who has no ties to it.
  • Brad and Dario's scenes feel a bit rushed compared to the original.
  • No Grave Digger. The original game was already lacking a variety in bosses so taking away the only other creature besides Nemesis was a mistake.
  • No Mercenaries mode, Barry cameo or Regina skin

User Info: technogeek29

1 week ago#2
sigh....How many of these have been made just today alone?
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User Info: edward18

1 week ago#3

  • Better implications of G's potential horror if it got out
  • Better cover story for and inconspicuousness from Ada
  • Designs more in line with the rest of the series
  • The characters for the most part feeling more "normal"

  • Um...god...most everything except maybe being less "fun" to play?
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User Info: ShadowRaiden00

1 week ago#4
Black Chapters
http://i.imgur.com/T5VJ5Mi.gifv http://i.imgur.com/F3Yu7Aw.gifv http://i.imgur.com/7s86tr1.gif https://i.imgur.com/9AWzF1C.gifv

User Info: johhnno0134

1 week ago#5
the first one as you said.

the second remake lacks the horror atmosphere and lacks some enemies and the 2 scenarios are the same and mr x is way better in the original and the soundtrack is not good

the third remake is also lacks the horror atmosphere and lacks some locations and some enemies. and there is bad changing to the story and the nemesis in this you don't feel him as a threat , and you don't encounter him too much and his design is bad and he is not scary like the original. and the soundtrack is bad

User Info: WarGreymon77

1 week ago#6
Zombies. Everything about the zombies. But mostly, not letting them go through doors.

Storytelling. Somehow, RE2 has a better story than the RE2 Remake.

Mr. X

More fun gameplay.

Better lighting.

Barry's beard.

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User Info: Foxhound3857

1 week ago#7
The originals had much better voice acting.
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User Info: Goldsickle

1 week ago#8
RE1 has more branching paths than the remake.

Chris has three different scenes of being poisoned by Yawn.
But in the remake, they cut it down to two.

Rebecca was supposed to have two introduction scenes but they cut it down to one.
I forgot how it went but the introduction scene where you meet her in the West save room also comes with a dialog option that seems to determine Chris and Rebecca interactions throughout the game.
This appears to have been cut out of the remake as well.

Barry was supposed to have three different death scenes, all of them involving him saying some last words to Jill.
Chris was actually present in one of them.
The remake never used any of these, instead reimagining it to Barry being knocked into a pit without saying anything.

RE1 was one of those games where you keep seeing different scenes based on different actions or dialog choices.
While multiple paths still exists in the remake, a bunch got cut off.
My guesses are that since game development got more expensive, Capcom can't afford to preserve all the dialogs and branching paths.
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User Info: StrangerDanger2

1 week ago#9
Foxhound3857 posted...
The originals had much better voice acting.

Who could get amazing moments like

Rebecca: *walks into a completely lit room*
“It’s me Chris...”

Chris: *clearly seeing her*
”Is that you Rebecca?”

User Info: Foxhound3857

1 week ago#10
StrangerDanger2 posted...
Who could get amazing moments like

Rebecca: *walks into a completely lit room*
“It’s me Chris...”

Chris: *clearly seeing her*
”Is that you Rebecca?”

What R3make really needed was a reprisal by Catherine Disher and Vince Corazza.
And you will all live to grow and thrive and lead happy lives...
...until old age take you back to the weeds.
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