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  3. Any words from Capcom if this is being delayed or released for 3rd April?

User Info: Cruddy_horse

1 week ago#11
Furryyiffer posted...
The game has gone gold almost assuredly several weeks ago and most places likely already have physical copies to ship out. There's no reason to delay it, especially this close to release


User Info: Crimson_Alias

1 week ago#12
There is absolutely no reason for them to delay the digital version. Which is the version I was planning on buying from the very beginning.

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User Info: WingZero0782

1 week ago#13
AzureVergil posted...
Square-Enix has announced there nothing to fear about FF7 Remake and it will still be released for the 10th April?

Has Capcom did the same for this? I don't want to take a day off if the game is not released after all.

Yeah but physical copies may not be out on time, which sucks in this day and age.
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User Info: AegisUrien

2 days ago#14
Capcom of UK has tweeted this...

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User Info: M4SK2F4CE

2 days ago#15
i strongly doubt there will be anywhere open to buy this in person in NYC at least
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User Info: Setsunahenry

2 days ago#17
I am sure Capcom will announce earlier if delay. But I hardly see Capcom delay their games.
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  3. Any words from Capcom if this is being delayed or released for 3rd April?
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