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  3. What exactly is a remake?

User Info: sailormoonfetis

1 month ago#1
1) Is it something vastly improved but closer to the original source material? E.g. MGS Twin Snakes
2) Is it something that fully uses that modern technology to appeal to a wider audience especially younger people? E.g. King Kong movie 2005
3) Is it the new trend in AAA games?
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User Info: Mehran456

1 month ago#2
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1 month ago#3
1 and 2 are basicly the same thing but there are a few terms that covers this topic.

1.Remake / Updated content same story built from scratch.
2. Remastered / touches a few things up but this is still using original assets.
3. Reimagining /built from scratch. Vast differences from original (storywise).

1. Resident Evil 1 and Twin Snakes were remakes.
2. Old school FF7 on the PS4 is a remastered.
3. Resident Evil 3 and the new Final Fantasy 7 are Reimaginings.

User Info: BIack_Dynamite

1 month ago#4
Resident Evil 3 is also a remake

User Info: riddlebox89

1 month ago#5
A remake is a game built from scratch using modern technology, it has the same characters and story of the original.

Resident Evil 3 and the new Final Fantasy 7 are Reimaginings.


A re-imagining is a game that uses the basics of the source materials story as a building block to tell a different story.

FF7R, RE2R and RE3R are not re-imaginings.
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User Info: Locke_Leonhart

1 month ago#6
RE 1 (GC) and RE2 (2019) are remakes.

FFVIIR looks like reimagining, i mean, we are going to receive 30 hours of Midgar, a location of 5 hours in the original. That can’t be a remake.

RE3 looks like a remake (same as RE1 and RE2), but we’ll see...

User Info: ChiefStabaHoe

1 month ago#7
Once u start adding or changing the original gameplay then it's a remake
COD MW 2016 was a remake
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