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User Info: sailormoonfetis

1 month ago#1
C/D: Resident Evil 2 is the best remake game of all time? - Results (71 votes)
Confirm - no other remake does it better than RE2
32.39% (23 votes)
Deny - that title belongs to RE1
49.3% (35 votes)
Deny - wait until you play RE3
5.63% (4 votes)
Deny - wait until you play Final Fantasy 7
5.63% (4 votes)
Deny - the best remake is (insert game here)
7.04% (5 votes)
This poll is now closed.
I can't remember any other remake that gave me hype besides RE2 and Twin Snakes. Even Fatal Frame 2 on Wii didn't get me excited.
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User Info: Four_Archfiends

1 month ago#2
I'm going to wait and see how Resident Evil 3 Remake is.

R2make is a amazing game, within my top 3 Resident Evil games of all time. But I wouldn't call it the best Remake of all times, it still needs a tiny bit more for me to consider it to be the best Remake of all times.
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User Info: WarGreymon77

1 month ago#3
I would say Halo Anniversary is the best remake, and I don't even like Halo. It's a graphical remake, and you can change between the original and new graphics on the fly with the d-pad.
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User Info: DigitalMorph

1 month ago#4
Maybe this game will prove me wrong (not likely and I doubt ff7 remake will), but REmake is easily the best remake of anything as far as I’m concerned
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User Info: Spartan_Ghosts

1 month ago#5
Only until April.

Actually Yakuza Kiwami 2 was a good remake.

User Info: AceMos

1 month ago#6
metroid zero mission gets that title for me
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User Info: Jonor57

1 month ago#7
I love REmake 2, but outside of the RE-series it has to go up against Super Castlevania 4, Majora's Mask 3D, among others for the title of best remake.
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User Info: Malevolent_Moon

1 month ago#8
Nope. REmake is a better remake than REmake 2 imo. Doesn't take anything away, only adds to the game. Capcom created the golden standard for remakes with that one.
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User Info: TrueGB

1 month ago#9
Honestly, I haven't played that many remakes. The only ones I have played heavily was the Final Fantasy remake for the PS1, and RE2make. I haven't even played Halo Anniversary that much aside from just beating the game. I am looking forward to playing the Star Ocean remake though. I hear Tearaway was mighty impressive though.

WarGreymon77 posted...
I would say Halo Anniversary is the best remake, and I don't even like Halo.

It also made Halo's formerly offline only multiplayer available online (via newer releases), so it was a remake that managed to provide something entirely new at the same time.
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User Info: Allen3388

1 month ago#10
As much as I adore re2remake i can't vote for it. They flubbed its story too much.

Remake 1 is the better remake, nothing changed, only enhanced. I am not even talking about the fixed camera or tank. They could have changed those and I would have been fine. Story wise it was perfect unlike re2remake
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