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User Info: Thundercats-Ho

6 days ago#1
Final score for the all new edition of Resident Evil 2

Now that the all new edition of Resident Evil 2 is about to end with the soon to be released all new upcoming edition of Resident Evil 3. What are your final thoughts and score for the all new edition of Resident Evil 2?
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User Info: Blk_Mage_Ctype

6 days ago#2
You mean the Remake? I have to ask because there were rumors that it was going to get patched or receive Separate Ways DLC, but I haven't been following it since.

RE2R was fantastic, IMO. The only thing that disappointed me was the lack of Separate Ways and the resulting non-canon nature of the story.
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User Info: Mehran456

6 days ago#3
What in the holy hell is wrong with your topics?
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User Info: Allen3388

6 days ago#4
I'll say what what I said the whole time. If they hadn't jacked the scenarios up, itsmy new all time favorite. But as is, they missed the mark. Still fun, sunk 164 hours in it but....
One of my favorite Resident Evil games of all time. Loved almost everything about it especially the gameplay and how zombies actually felt like zombies being hard to kill and the real time wound damage adds to the immersion.

But I wouldn't consider it a completely perfect game. Had they worked on the B/A scenarios more than it would easily be a completely perfect game. But if that was the case than it'll be harder for RE3 Remake to beat it.

With all that said, I'll still say choice 4 as it's one of my top favorite Resident Evil games of all times with my score of 9.5/10. And after Outbreaks, it's my most replay single player Resident Evil game.
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User Info: WarGreymon77

6 days ago#6

Disappointing. Could've been worse. Could've been a lot better.
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User Info: gergdangbabim

6 days ago#7
I want to respect these opinions. I really do.

User Info: lilhurk1985187

6 days ago#8
5/10. Nice graphics.
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User Info: doowop

6 days ago#9
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User Info: 83iain

6 days ago#10
As a standalone game 7/10 but as a remake to RE2 then 6/10.

So much wasted potential and could've been a lot better. Typical Capcom laziness.
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