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  3. Brad Vickers looks like a school crossing guard in the remake

User Info: XxAxem_BlackxX

1 week ago#1

Doesn't he?

User Info: superyoodle

1 week ago#2
P. C. Principal without the glasses.
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Where/when will it end?

User Info: CODEumb87

1 week ago#3
It looks a bit goofy on him honestly, but maybe that's what they were going for with his character. I hope that's not what Chris' vest is gonna look like in the flashback.

User Info: Plant42

1 week ago#4
His goofy yellow vest no longer fits in with this all new upcoming edition of Resident Evil 3.
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User Info: ssj_duelist

1 week ago#6
superyoodle posted...
P. C. Principal without the glasses.
Nemisis: STARRS
Brad: did you just use a microaggression?!
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User Info: Goldsickle

1 week ago#7
"You're our amazon, Jill!"
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User Info: McLahey

1 week ago#8
He looks like Capcom ruining my hopes and dreams
"It's raining again."

User Info: Fiz57

1 week ago#9
Come on, he is hiding in plain sight. No one would look for STARS member in the trafic/ticket booth section. He is hoping to trick Nemesis and maybe gave him ticket for driving too fast. It is like:

Nemesis: STARS!!!
Brad: Nope, buddy. Traffic Police. You know, we have report a missing vehicle like yours who ran away without paying their parking toll. Come on, buddy. Paid up and show me your driving license while you at it. Speeding in a school zone is very dangerous for the kids.

Nemesis made a fast gateaway with Brad chasing and screaming "Nemesis!!!"
Cardboard boxes are amazing. You could use it to sneak around. Drop on someone to stun them. Heck if you aren't satisfy with ramming, try a tank through co-op.
(edited 1 week ago)
He was a pilot not an on the ground combat operative.
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  3. Brad Vickers looks like a school crossing guard in the remake
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