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User Info: GigadeathWeapon

1 month ago#51
Ark Thompson, Lucia, Bruce McGivern and Fongling are all long overdue for a second appearance.

User Info: killa_croc

1 month ago#52
Code Veronica and RE7 are the 2 best games in the series

User Info: McLahey

1 month ago#53
Moeman_ posted...
mutant birkin and mr. x shouldn't have charted in this you weirdo. good list otherwise tho
G1 is an absolute daddy, especially DC's version.


Now that I think about it, DC's G2 was also really fine...


Moeman_ posted...
and richard is cute but doesnt deserve to chart
Richard is a good boy and he deserves everything
"It's raining again."

User Info: Twiztid3477

1 month ago#54
I enjoyed ORC. RE5 is probably my favorite RE but only because of the replay value and weapon customization/unlocking. I terms of atmosphere obviously REmake is better.

User Info: melbye80

1 month ago#55
Fixed camera is awesome

User Info: LaughingMan008

1 month ago#56
The original Resident Evil is better than Remake.
Resident Evil 3 is the best game in the series.
Leon and Wesker are both lame characters.

User Info: Venage27

1 month ago#57
7 is garbage.
The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

User Info: Moeman_

1 month ago#58
McLahey posted...
G1 is an absolute daddy, especially DC's version.
seek help

"There are no happy endings, because nothing ends."

User Info: LeftiesRule

1 month ago#59
TrueGB posted...
This topic? Again?

I couldn't find this topic in the RE3 Remake board.

I tried searching I couldn't find anything.

PFreece posted...
riot gun > striker

Second this.
2020 Games: Cyberpunk 2077, Resident Evil 3 Remake, Last Of Us 2, Avengers, Halo Infinite, NioH 2, Tales Of Arise, Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Ghost Of Tsushima etc

User Info: zoniax

1 month ago#60
No Resident Evil games are actually bad, y'all are just set in your ways:

- 4 was a much needed gigantic leap forward for the series, and is widely considered the best in the entire series for good reason: it is.
- 5 was a great coop game that fed off of what 4 started.
- 6, yes even 6 had some bright spots among clunky controls and a subpar story.
- 7 was a great change of pace, and well made.
- 8 is going to be first person because 7 was actually good and sold well.
- RE2R and RE3R character redesigns you don't like doesn't mean the actual games are bad.
- If you don't like the new games (or remakes) it doesn't actually affect the games that are already made.

So grow up and play them (or here's a thought: Don't!). Never heard so many grownups whine like toddlers.
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