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User Info: Broda69

1 month ago#41
Benjatron26354 posted...
I was not a fan of Code Veronica.

I second this opinion. Code Veronica was the worst of the tank-controlled games

  1. The game was too long at about 5 hours, considering almost half of it was backtracking. You gotta go back either for one key item you needed, or just revisiting previous areas with a different character. That killed the replay value a ton.
  2. Boring environments. You had generic military prison in the beginning, then generic military facility, generic mansion, and generic labs. Going to Antarctica in the middle was cool, but then you're mostly just underground in more generic labs.
  3. You couldn't blow apart zombies! I was shockingly disappointed as a teen. Zombie heads don't explode with the magnum and you can't blow them apart into meat chunks with the grenade launcher like in previous games. They just fall backwards like stick figures when you hit them with a rocket launcher. Incredibly lame.
  4. Steve's voice acting.... nuff said
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User Info: SteelDragon2050

1 month ago#42
Moeman_ posted...
* re4 sucks
* re code: veronica sucks
* leon sucks
* re3 is the best of the series and is way better than re2 in every regard
* re6 wasn't that horrible and parts of leon and ada's campaigns (ada's especially) felt like older RE's
* billy is the hottest re boy
* the plot of re is its worst aspect
* revelations 2 was an amazing re. revelations 1 was almost as good
* re is a low-tier horror series in almost every regard
* the obsession with julia voth is creepy and beyond inappropriate
1: I agree
2: Somewhat agree
3: I've never understood his popularity
4: I like 1-3 fairly equally, but if i had to put them in order, it 1, 3, 2.
5: I liked RE6
6: I don't judge guys by hotness, so you're on your own
7: At least it has a plot, some games don't
8: Liked Rev2, haven't played 1
9: Disagree
10: Especially considering she was Jill's model for 1 game. ONE GAME

User Info: McLahey

1 month ago#43
- Chris' original design (Resident Evil, REmake, Code: Veronica) is better than his design from 5 onwards.
- Julia Voth was never a good fit for Jill, even if RE3make Jill is worse.
- Jill is just as boring as Chris, if not moreso, and only gets a pass because of her looks.
- Leon is one of the series' worst protagonists, only beaten by a couple protagonists from spin-offs and 6.
- Billy and Rebecca are the second and third best protagonists respectively, and Code: Veronica X Claire is the best.
- 4 is not only a bad Resident Evil game, it's not even that good on its own. Meanwhile, 5 is better as a Resident Evil game, but worse on its own.
- RE2make is worse than the original, but still a good game.
- All four of the Revelations and Chronicles games are better than 4-7.
- 7 is nothing like the classics outside of superficial fanservice.
- Code: Veronica X's soundtrack is near perfect and no other soundtrack in the franchise comes even close to its level.
- Chris does not and will likely never have a canon sexuality but he's clearly gay-coded for fanservice reasons.
- RE0 is a great game held back only by the Hookshot and the lack of item boxes when transitioning to new locations. If those two simple issues were fixed (put item boxes in the Training Facility main hall, Chapel back room, Laboratory library, and Treatment Facility dorm room, and do...something about the Hookshot), it'd be the fourth best Resident Evil game (behind REmake, Code: Veronica X, and 2).
- Alfred and Alexia are great villains.
- Wesker and Leon aren't even in the top 10 hottest Resident Evil guys. (For reference: Billy > Chris (REmake) > Krauser > Birkin (G1 mutation) > Crispin > Piers > Richard > Barry > Mr. X > Jake.)
- The ladies, while we're at it: Ada > Claire > Sheva > Alexia (Type 1 mutation) > Manuela > Hunnigan > Jill > Helena > Sherry > Rebecca
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User Info: plasmabeam

1 month ago#44
RE5 is great.
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User Info: riddlebox89

1 month ago#45
Code Veronica is a barely relevant side story.

Code Veronica should've been to Resident Evil what Ocarina of Time was to Legend of Zelda.

Claire and Jills original RE2/3 outfits were never not dumb.

Wesker should've stayed dead after RE1.

tenpowers posted...
Resident Evil has never been about zombies.

This isn't even an opinion, it's a set in stone fact.
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User Info: ChiefStabaHoe

1 month ago#46
-Tank controls were always trash
-RE2MAKE is better than RE2 for the simple fact it doesnt have tank controls
-Nemesis was never scary and his voice made him sound extremely dumb. He was a clive Barker reject at best
-this give me VOTH or give me death mentality is dumb
- Umbrella story was milked for to damn long so I'm glad RE4 ditched it.
-RE fans b**** just as bad as halo fans over the slightest s***

-Ethan is not a bad character
- RE fans believing your game needs tank controls and c***ed eye camera angles to be considered survival horror
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User Info: jaoman69

1 month ago#47
RE4 is the worst RE game because Leon is annoying and by far the worst RE character.

User Info: Moeman_

1 month ago#48
SteelDragon2050 posted...
10: Especially considering she was Jill's model for 1 game. ONE GAME
2 actually, re1 remake and re5. as well as one of the chronicles games and i think a marvel vs campcom game? still she hasn't been around forever and idk why ppl wanna sniff her hairy feet pits or some s***

McLahey posted...
For reference: Billy > Chris (REmake) > Krauser > Birkin (G1 mutation) > Crispin > Piers > Richard > Barry > Mr. X > Jake.
mutant birkin and mr. x shouldn't have charted in this you weirdo. good list otherwise tho

for me it's billy > re1 remake barry > re1 remake chris > re5/6 chris > piers > re3 remake carlos > krauser > wesker > pile of s*** > leon > jake

parker and the 2 clowns from revelations 1 dont even get to chart b/c they were that bland. and richard is cute but doesnt deserve to chart b/c he isnt even playable or important in the long run. if we count richard we have to count enrico
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User Info: DarthUchiha91

1 month ago#49
Just one. RE3>RE2.
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User Info: PFreece

1 month ago#50
riot gun > striker
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