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User Info: ohtheforlanity

2 weeks ago#31
undeadfilth posted...
Operation Racoon City is unredeemable garbage.

Definitely not an unpopular opinion
undeadfilth posted...
The movies are genuinely not that bad.
RE6 is a needed and important game to the franchise.
Nemesis is boring and makes RE3 nearly unplayable for me.
1.The first 3 or 4 movies were ok but the rest were bad.
2.RE 6 was over the top f***ing stupid and did nothing important except present a good concept of a connected story with many returning heroes.
3.Nemesis is one of the best persistent predators in all of gaming, fans love Nemesis, and the new Mr. X.
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User Info: Benjatron26354

2 weeks ago#33
I was not a fan of Code Veronica.

User Info: Shienryuu

2 weeks ago#34
I enjoyed RE3 the least out of the 6 OG games. Also, Nemesis theme is Dual Shock basement-level of horrible.

I found RE6 to be insanely fun. Loved Jake vs Ustanak.

I'm glad Umbrella got bankrupted off-screen instead of as a result of a silly Chris vs Spencer showdown at Umbrella HQ or some other dumb s*** like that.

Steve was fine but Darkside Chronicles did the story far better than CV.

I prefer RE1 DC to its remake.

User Info: Veraxulous

2 weeks ago#35
Alfred Ashford is the best villain in the series.
Old Resident Evil games are unplayable by today's standards.

Nu-Claire is hot and better looking than original.

Resident Evil 7 is s*** and even 6 is better than it.

User Info: waltdawg443

2 weeks ago#37
Ok, here goes.

RE3 = not that great a game. I was crazy about 1 and 2 back in the day, and played thru them many times, but one time thru was enough for 3. The graphics didn't feel as polished as they did in 2, I wasn't terribly invested in the story, and the whole thing felt kinda thrown together compared to the first 2.

I also seem to be in the minority that can't stand the relentless "cat and mouse" mechanic, which makes up a large part of 3 (and was the one thing that killed the RE2 remake for me). I'm all for a good surprise, but I can't handle the stress of being constantly stalked/rushed.
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User Info: KaijinSurohm

2 weeks ago#38
ohdenny88 posted...
undefined posted... Malevolent_Moon
I don't like RE4, it killed the franchise to me for many years.

I think REmake 2 is a disappointment. It's still a good game, but after begging for a remake of RE2 for so long and getting this? It was a let down. I wanted it to be what REmake was to RE1, sheer perfection. Instead it's inferior to the original in numerous ways.

Agreed on both points
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Resident Evil 0 is the second worst game in the franchise

Even without online, RE Outbreaks were some of the best Resident Evil games.

Mr.X stopped chasing Leon and Ada in the sewers because he was afraid of all the G Adults down there.

Choppa the Giant Alligator would wreck all the other bosses in the game.

That tiger in Iron's display would defeat Mr.X if it was still alive.
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User Info: Moeman_

2 weeks ago#40
  • re4 sucks
  • re code: veronica sucks
  • leon sucks
  • re3 is the best of the series and is way better than re2 in every regard
  • re6 wasn't that horrible and parts of leon and ada's campaigns (ada's especially) felt like older RE's
  • billy is the hottest re boy
  • the plot of re is its worst aspect
  • revelations 2 was an amazing re. revelations 1 was almost as good
  • re is a low-tier horror series in almost every regard
  • the obsession with julia voth is creepy and beyond inappropriate
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