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User Info: Antike

2 weeks ago#11
RE fans are biased tools

User Info: Mehran456

2 weeks ago#12
doowop posted...
chris redfield from 5 is not a steroid abuser. he looks like a normal buff guy.
He's just a JoJo character from Part 1
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User Info: Jonor57

2 weeks ago#13
New Jill looks perfectly fine. Fans have developed unrealistic beauty-standards that can never be met.
Yes, it just so happens that I do not share your opinion.
RE 0 is a decent game, and certainly better then CV/CVX which is the worst of the classic RE games.

RE 8 should keep the first person perspective to keep things different.
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User Info: Zaschie

2 weeks ago#15
Jill Valentine is a bland, black hole of character, even moreso than Chris.
People's obsession with Julia Voth is super creepy.
The boulder punch, and bulked up Chris are greatly exaggerated and were fine.
RE0 is straight up trash , despite improving Rebecca.
Moving away from the original cast is good because they nearly all became hypercompetent super soldiers and there's nothing interesting about their stories anymore.
The endless rehash of corporations and extreme progression of BoW research in-universe was a mistake that necessitated making the characters as above.
First Person is fine.
Beep . . . boop.
(edited 2 weeks ago)
There is NOTHING wrong with tank-controls and fixed camera angles, only with the people who refuse to learn and adapt to them.

Revelations 2 was the best original RE game since RE3 (I’ve never played Code Veronica).

Operation: Raccoon City was more fun than RE4.

Claire is a more interesting character than Jill.
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User Info: JamesBR27

2 weeks ago#17
RE3 is indeed the less fun of the originals.
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User Info: Addplayer

2 weeks ago#18
Jill will tear it up in RE 3. She can already dodge, which doesn't make you a walking target when enemies get close and your knife/throwables is your only life line when grabbed.

RE 3 Carlos is good, but not great. Just when you think he is going to be great, he is just...okay. Okay in the sense of decent, but not as decent as you would like. He is supportive, but could be more supportive if he applied himself more. Just when you think he will do something climatic, he really just gets by. Overall, he is an okay addition to the franchise.
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User Info: FNFred

2 weeks ago#19
I prefer RE3 over RE2.
I prefer RE5 over RE4.
Most RE post 3 are s***.
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User Info: Hippaul

2 weeks ago#20
Leon is a horrible character because he became a movie star.
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