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User Info: Mehran456

2 weeks ago#41
AyumiSqueezetoy posted...
haha. no. That's not really how marketing works. Mayyyyybe if you're Kojima or someone who can create a ridiculous hype train, and even he showed more of Death Stranding.

I personally don't think this means much at all, but I definitely disagree with your statement.
Well yeah i agree Capcom is being stupid by not showing anything new

i've seen some people here say that maybe Capcom's not showing anything because they're not liking the product and aren't revealing anything because they're afraid it's gonna kill peoples hype (which could be a possibility mind you)

So what i meant by that is that Capcom is probably currently thinking "well the game is 2 months away anyway and people loved REmake 2 so it's gonna be fiiiine if we don't reveal anything else!"

Which again...is stupid but chances are it's just that and not them not being confident in the game

But hey that's just my two cents
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Thanks for clarifying. I can see your perspective. That sounds plausible.

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User Info: Offworlder1

2 weeks ago#43
Not only is this some stupid petty bulls*** it is just to stir up trouble, RE2make and RE3make are using nearly the same gameplay but RE 3 is more action based, look at original RE 2 and RE 3 for the example.

RE2make also did not have a demo until right before the game launched and everyone loved it(except that it was a "one shot"), there is no reason to have doubts about RE3make due to the fact they were rumored to have been making it with or right after RE2make.

The day they saw the pre orders of RE2make they knew "we better make RE3make and make even more money/get the fans to love us even more" and that has been the trend. People were speculating about RE3make the moment RE2make was so good. Capcom wants the fans to love them again, they know how popular RE 2 and 3 are which is why the company did the whole "we do it" after all the RE2make demand.
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User Info: Jx1010

2 weeks ago#44
He does have a point, a real RE fan
I will sit back and laugh when RE3make is launched and people praise the hell out of it, and then look back at this topic.

This is click bait of the lowest sort.
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User Info: Boxcar1989

2 weeks ago#46
I’m guessing since this is releasing so quickly after REmake2 that it’ll play identical with a few adjustments here and there.

i think they did state to that this entry will be more “action” than REmake2. Which to me is fine because the original was also more “action”.
That is why I enjoy classic RE 3 more then RE 2, there was more action but the horror was still very much present.

A few changes and improvements is also what happened with the classic RE 2 and 3 so gameplay will probably be similar here as well.
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User Info: FeatherineA

2 weeks ago#48
Doesn't matter to me whether a gameplay video is shown months before or just a day before, as long as it's shown before release, so whatever as far as I'm concerned.

User Info: samantha_sneez

2 weeks ago#49
FNFred posted...
* The animation transition when Jill is grabbed can't be ignored.
* The fact that we barely got any gameplay two months away from release can't be ignored.
* R2make had a demo, not R3make. You'd think Capcom would like people to be salivating about the next entry.

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User Info: Sega9599

2 weeks ago#50
RE1remake has cracks to be honest
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