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  3. Leon's scenarios or Claire's scenarios?
Which one do you prefer?

114 hours on Resident Evil 2 Remake so far but most of my playthroughs are from Leon's scenarios. Only 4 or 5 of my playthroughs were from Claire's side while the rest are from Leon. Not because I dislike Claire as I like them both equally as characters. But because I like how Leon's scenario has a focus on both G and Mr.X and of course the wonderful addition of Choppa the Giant Alligator.
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User Info: Crimson_Storm

1 week ago#2
Leon. I like him, his designs, his story and the guns he uses more. Claire’s guns especially is why I don’t like her scenario.
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User Info: Aitz

1 week ago#3
I felt like Mr X was rivaling with Leon while Birkin with Claire. Both scenarios were amazing in their own ways. I played both scenarios equally as well. I love Leon and Claire equally as well a a lot and also the soundtracks of both lab escape parts as well. Very tough for me to decide this one
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User Info: Duffy12323

1 week ago#4
Weapon loadouts is why I don't care for Claire.
I prefer Claire. Partly for Claire, partly because I like the weapons and route better. I like Ada's section more than Sherry's, but there ya go.

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User Info: gergdangbabim

1 week ago#6
Leon: chases tail for the entire game and comes across as a destructive doofus.

Claire: saves an abandoned little girl against all odds.

Story-wise I don’t find it hard. Gun-wise and design wise still gonna say Claire.

User Info: DarthUchiha91

1 week ago#7
I like Claire's campaign. For lack of a better description, hers feels more genuine.
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User Info: FNFred

1 week ago#8
I prefer Claire's scenario in R2make.
I preferred Leon's in the original.
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User Info: Venage27

1 week ago#9
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