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  3. Jesus H. Christ...RE8 will be first person again

User Info: ssj_duelist

3 weeks ago#21
Duffy12323 posted...
If true that's good news.

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User Info: ToveriJuri

3 weeks ago#22
Is it confirmed? If true I'll wait for a sale. Unless of course it turns out to be a remarkable game, but somehow I doubt that.
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User Info: KarasuShiro

3 weeks ago#23
Four_Archfiends posted...
The best future game pattern in my opinion would be

OTS for another remake of the old games so it fits more with the recent two Remakes.

But for 8 and 9, have it be in both 1st person/VR like RE7 so people can get more used to the 1st person and the improvements they'll make.

Then finally Resident Evil 10+ will be purely on VR only. Half Life Alyx showed us that a VR only game feels very different than simply playing a first person game in VR. The movement and feel is completely different.

Lol...a main entry being vr only? Yeah not gonna happen. Too risky because theres not enough people liking or wanting or even ohysically able to play in vr (and thank god for that, vr is fine but irs still a gimmick and not the future of gaming lol)

As for re 8 in 1st person meh i dont care im able to enjoy both 3rd person and 1st person without problems so not gonna whine for that.

However i hope that the mc is not ethan this time. He was bland but that was the point in 7. Making him come back in 8 would remove his only trait
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User Info: Rabastan

3 weeks ago#24
More people = more money.
I hate the first person perspective in 7. If 8 is first person looks like it'll be a pass from me.

User Info: Regal_Bryant12

3 weeks ago#26
Kaluroth posted...
Guess I'll pass on that one too.
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User Info: Det_Beauregard

3 weeks ago#27
While I prefer the OTS style of the RE2 remake, first person is not what made RE7 an average game. Its story, length, and bland characters did that.
What's PT?
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Metal Gear Raxis posted...
What's PT?
The silent hill demo from Hideo Kojima that was going to star Norman Reedus.

User Info: Eraldus

3 weeks ago#30
riddlebox89 posted...
Don't like it? Don't buy it. Non-existent problem solved.

LMAO, I love when fanboys drops this stupid argument, acrting like as if they just dropped the biggest bombshell ever.

You_Need_A_Life posted...
I wonder how some people can even tolerate reality given that they see through their eyes in the 1st person.

This is another stupid argument. It's not about realism, but instead because the RE series, barring a few sidestory games, had always been known as a third person game by longtime fans, and not as a first person view series.

It's also a matter of preference. Some people prefers third person games, because they like to see their character while they play, and it's easier to look around the environment, which is why I like games like Skyrim, where you can alternate between first person/thrid person at will.

There's nothing wrong with first person view games (I like them just as much), but RE has been mostly known as a third person view game, since the very first game, and it should remain as such, at least for the main titles, or they should at least add a third person option for people to choose which view mode they prefer.
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