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  3. We need another Virus monster resembling a t rex in RE3 remake.

User Info: superyoodle

5 days ago#21
caboose84 posted...
He said transformer, not Autobots. Autobots and Decepticons are all Transformers.

Ah, thank you.

But saying that he could've still and implied that an autohotel could've been Simmons.

Which is false!
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Where/when will it end?
Degalon posted...
like..Simmons Fly form actually was fine and his best transformation because it made sense *in context*. He absorbed the extra biomass from all the zombies to merge into that giant form. (still not sure why they had to be mechanically split into perfect cubes like a jigsaw puzzle rather than organic chunks but whatever).

But with the gatling dog and g-rex, where the hell does all that extra mass come from? Especially since he shrinks back down?! At least with the dog we could maybe assume that form was actually hollow, with his own mass making up the frame, but yeah the G Rex was dumb mostly because he would constantly shift between forms.

Also hated how mechanical his transformations were, in perfectly cubed pieces that slotted together like puzzle pieces.

They were fine boss fights, but conceptually, they made no sense.

If he didn't constantly "shift" back to his human form, it would have been fine, and we could just see that he's evolving into bigger and badder animalistic forms, from the chimera to the g-rex to the bloat(ed) fly abomination.
Kinda agree, I thought his forms were pretty cool but didn't like the jigsaw puzzle cube thing going with it.
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User Info: ChiefStabaHoe

5 days ago#23
As long as it's a Trex tyrant version of wings of redemption
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User Info: Fiz57

5 days ago#24
It is technically the same though it is not Transformer title, it's Beast War.

They should have give Jill a telekenetic power like Alice and fight the t rex in a museum..... Wait, that is Parasite Eve.
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  3. We need another Virus monster resembling a t rex in RE3 remake.
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