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User Info: Four_Archfiends

1 month ago#41
TheThirdDay posted...
Hmm. 5 is winning, eh? I thought the voice direction in that game was pretty terrible. I even thought RCS was unimpressive in 5 because of the way he was directed. Everyone either comes off completely flat or way over the top. (EDIT: I always forget, when discussing 5, that it's the RE game I've haven't played through in the longest time. My memories of it need refreshing, they could be subpar.)

I'd provably have to give it to 6. RCS's portrayal of Chris in 6 was the best voice work the series has seen. There were a few other solid performances as well, notably Piers.
True, all jokes aside Resident Evil 6 had the best voice acting. The way each voice fits their characters really well.
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User Info: sailormoonfetis

1 month ago#42
TheThirdDay posted...
Hmm. 5 is winning, eh?

You probably didn't hear the majini said "WHAT A KOOL AID?!"
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User Info: magoon16

1 month ago#43
Technically speaking the later games have the best acting. I didn’t really like RE2 remake’s voices but that might just be the awkwardness between Leon and Clair never seeming to know what to say to each other. As much as I didn’t like RE6 the production was at least good in this area.

User Info: P1GM4N

1 month ago#44
RE4 had the most realistic, emotional, and smoothest dialogue in the entire series. Makes The Last of Us look like RE1.

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User Info: Det_Beauregard

1 month ago#45
“Your right hand comes off?”

User Info: BIack_Dynamite

1 month ago#46
Or “You’re”
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