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User Info: Venage27

2 months ago#161
Denizen_Of_Dark posted...
U prove yet again that u dont understand n hes right. Re read my post. I already explained it. He clearly said it was better received in certain other areas due to their tastes. Not sure y ppl get offended by that. Its facts. Americans in particular prefer a certain kinda game. Death stranding aint it. Thats all there is to it.

As far as mgs goes, remember how everybody always made fun of its story n hated mgs 2? Americans dont like subtlety. Nuance. Patience. Introspection. Its facts.

Also ur mvci comparison is a dumb one. Btw, Capcom did try n play it off in a similar way, remember that functions comment?
The functions comment wasn't about blaming other games it was Capcom being stupid by comparing 2 Marvel characters: A d list nobody like Nova who no one even cares about his existence with an A list villain like Magneto who is among Marvel's greatest villains alongside the likes of Dr Doom and The majority of Spiderman's Rogue Gallery.
Also I think it's unfair to say that Americans prefer FPS, I mean when games like GoW, Spiderman broke sale records, some of these records were American. People making fun of MGS story isn't hated, it's just the series is heavily memeable. Literally every character in the series have given us a meme or two(or one billion in the case of MG Rising where every quote is a meme lol), that's not hate at all, that's show how memorable the characters and their quotes are, in a funny way but still. As for MGS2, people were complaining because Raiden was the character for 90% of the game while Snake only got a extremely short playable section in the prologue. That's a valid critism. It's like DMC4 where we have Nero for the majority of the game only to get Dante and do the exact same levels and bosses Nero did but in reverse. I love Nero and all but Dante is Dante.
Look, my point is that I think Kojima is wrong, Death Stranding faced criticism is solely based on the game's fault, not because of other people's preferences. It's easy to blame Battle Royals games or FPS or whatever for everything but that in my humble opinion is a wrong approach. When a game has problems, it's nobody but the game itself's fault that it has them, other series having bigger sales have nothing to do with Death Stranding's flaws. Nothing is perfect.
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User Info: gergdangbabim

2 months ago#162
Death Stranding is a pretentious snooze fest.

User Info: Denizen_Of_Dark

2 months ago#163
Bro, i dont kno y this so hard for u to understand.

Anyway, all ima say is he didnt blame s***. U act like he held a press conference n b****ed about reception. He was asked a question n he answered it accurately. He spoke facts. Re read our convo n try harder to understand.
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