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  3. So.... no RE3 edition that has costumes.... Good or Bad?


4 weeks ago#1
Is it a good sign that there isn't a copy that comes with costumes? (Multiplayer discussion too) - Results (27 votes)
Yes, costumes might be free since OG RE3 had the most alt costumes.
48.15% (13 votes)
Yes, Easier to resist buying costumes if it's not an option at Launch.
0% (0 votes)
No, too many costumes being sold to just give away for only an extra $10.
7.41% (2 votes)
No, no extra costumes other than the Pre-Order costumes.
11.11% (3 votes)
No, They might be planning on charging a lot for alt costumes.
18.52% (5 votes)
Don't care about Alternate Costumes.
14.81% (4 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Also, anyone else worried about the multiplayer mode? Not sure about you but I hate that we can't make our own characters, and if we can't change their clothes then I won't play it other than to get trophies required to platinum the game. In terms of RE Outbreak 1/2 I loved those games because you could unlock a LOT of characters including characters in Police uniforms and Umbrella uniforms.

User Info: WarGreymon77

4 weeks ago#2
There will be alt costumes. RE2 had polygonal and remade 1998 attires. RE1 HD Remaster had the BSAA uniforms and RE3 Jill. I think it's only fair that they return the favor with the S.T.A.R.S. uniform in this game.
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User Info: Zack_Attackv1

4 weeks ago#3
All I need is the skirt.

User Info: caboose84

4 weeks ago#4
I have my fingers crossed for at least her RE1 outfit as an unlockable.
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User Info: FeatherineA

4 weeks ago#5
I'm hoping the Regina outfit is in, but above all.... I want this one !

But it was a PC and dreamcast exclusive I believe so I'm not holding my breath. Hopefully we get most of them back, RE3 really swung it out of the park costumes-wise, it had so many, and great ones at that.

User Info: ManuMIAS

4 weeks ago#6
it need this outfit


make it happen Capcom!

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User Info: finalfantasy94

4 weeks ago#7
I hope we get the clothing room again as I liked dressing up jill for different runs.
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User Info: AyumiSqueezetoy

4 weeks ago#8
finalfantasy94 posted...
I hope we get the clothing room again as I liked dressing up jill for different runs.

I would guess they'll leave it like in the recent remakes where you can change costumes whenever. Personally, I prefer that. I like being able to change whenever I want.

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User Info: Jason_Hudson

4 weeks ago#9
Maybe they are actually unlocked in game. That'd be interesting.
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User Info: Antike

4 weeks ago#10
Not sure if you had an epic grammar fail or what, but costumes are already confirmed. Carlos and Jill’s retro costumes were already shown.
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  3. So.... no RE3 edition that has costumes.... Good or Bad?
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