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User Info: Cobra1010

1 month ago#1
Credit to Marcos RC Digital Art

Handsome as f***.
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User Info: Zack_Attackv1

1 month ago#2
Your gimmick is atrocious.

User Info: WarGreymon77

1 month ago#3
Oh hey, it's the costume I'm going to use for RE3.
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User Info: RiKuToTheMiGhtY

1 month ago#4
I have recently gotten back into REmake, finished a Chris run a few days ago, now on Jill again.

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User Info: SasTheVirtuous

1 month ago#5
That's one handsome dude.

User Info: Jx1010

1 month ago#6
SasTheVirtuous posted...
That's one handsome dude.

User Info: ManuMIAS

4 weeks ago#7
the worse part is they using that render as the back of the game cover in the retail, they should had used another angle. The ones that she looks more like Milla Jovovich so casuals get confuse.
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