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  3. What is your most hated gameplay segment of any RE game?

User Info: KYO2017

4 weeks ago#91
1] Chris chapter 5.2 running from haos .(must have shotgun equipped . save on usb and use the the ps3 button quit . i am replaying no hope at the moment for the 2nd time)

2] rer2 switching characters. no online coop in campaign

3] rer ... poor dodging mechanics

4] re5 and older .....tank controls , wasting time to find things

Again my best RE game is re6 , because it uses advance mechanics and expand the series to new levels. I do not have a ps4 , but I expect the newer games to have good controls (even trying to match RE6 mechanics)
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User Info: Stardust2592

4 weeks ago#92
Bit of a different take but mine is trying to 5* the Dock stage with Leon in RE4 Mercenaries, exclusively because of the nutcase chainsaw ganados, Leon's equipment is s*** for killing them because they're always swinging and he's got a handgun and a shotgun.

So you're having to run the length of the stage taking potshots, killing other ganados to keep your combo going and its stressful af when you're 13 like I was when I first did it.
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User Info: Aitz

4 weeks ago#93
Resident Evil 2 Remake: The sewers part, mainly the big room with three or four poisonous monsters are kinda trouble making.

Resident Evil 4: The Krauser knife fight on screen prompt scene. The island part as and the jet ski part.

Resident Evil 7: The video tapes, even though they are optional I just don’t like playing through them, specially Mia’s part.

Resident Evil Revelations: The first Terragrigia Part was annoying. Also the part where Chris falls of a cliff and dogs show up
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User Info: TheRocha

4 weeks ago#94
- Pushing boxes in any RE game,
- All vehicle sections in RE 6
- The beginning of Leon's campaign until he gets to the car,
- Chasing the snake with Chris and Pierce in RE 6,
- The humvee section in RE 5
- The albinoid fight and the alexia final fight in Code Veronica
- The bat boss fight in 0.

How do people not like the water room in RE4? It has a great layout, it’s difficult and varied, what’s not to like? You guys realize there are tons of ways to prevent enemies from taking Ashley right?

User Info: lilhurk1985187

4 weeks ago#96
Figuring out the water safety level in RE3.

User Info: Mmendez

4 weeks ago#97
Whenever you have to fight the Yawn. Thing is so unpredictable in the original.

RE1 Remake
Whenever you have to face Lisa Trevor. Screwed me a lot of S rank/rocket launcher runs.

Sherry's section in Claire A. Dogs that are completely unpredictable and quickly wittle away Sherry's already fragile health. No way to attack them, and using the only healing item available (first aid spray) costs an A rank run.

RE2 Remake
Whenever having to fight G adults. They just don't let you pass through without insane luck or fighting them as is. Also, the final stretch in Claire 2nd. Fighting three bosses almost one after another and having the supplies to carry on through. On Hardcore it's a sure b**** as I did.

Aside from fighting Nemesis on Hard mode to acquire the items, the Gravedigger 2nd fight. Two hits and it's all over, takes dozens of rounds to defeat, and there is little space to maneuver around it. Despite that, can't wait to see their form in the remake.

RE Code Veronica
1. Tyrant fight on the plane. No need to say how excruciatingly difficult it is if you don't move or know what to do.

2. Crystal ball trap hallway + Steve chase section. One wrong move in the trap means instant death (and screwing a rocket launcher run), and Steve can kill you in two hits. Not to mention having to dispense all of your weapons and items in the item box so as to not PERMANENTLY LOSE THEM after that section.
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User Info: Mmendez

4 weeks ago#98
RE Outbreak
Saving every scrap of ammo and health possible in The Hive so as to not git gud in the Queen Leech fight.

RE Outbreak File #2
1. Fighting Green Zombies in Flashback. Whoever designed their poison spit attack EVERYTIME you attack them needs to be fired.

2. Fighting the Tyrant R, especially while attempting the "Run Like the Linda" ending. Completely unpredictable attack patterns, runs insanely fast towards you, has an insta-kill spin attack, and is a bullet sponge. If also attempting the referred ending, then add to that only 3 MINUTES to get from the office building to Rodriguez' chopper, having to carry Linda around so she can't die on route either, and having mines on the way there that can stun you and leave the Tyrant able to attack you EVEN MORE. Lastly, repeat that ad nauseum at least 8 TIMES (once for each character) if you wish to unlock everything in the Collection menu. GTFO.

1. Krauser Phase 2 if you don't use the knife strategy. Took me ages to kill him in my first playthrough, for some reason.

2. Fighting Saddler in Separate Ways. It's almost a pure git gud of a fight if you didn't save enough ammo for it, especially explosive bolts.

RE Revelations
1. Learning the stupidly executed dodge mechanic.

2. Scagdead fight first time, or during an Infernal playthrough. Arguably the hardest boss fight in the game is already the first one.

Wesker and Jill duo fight on Professional. So hard to the point I had to shoot Jill with a magnum to make them stop attacking for once, and it worked. Also, GTFO with the AI partner in that fight, especially after the steel door.

RE Revelations 2
1. Pedro fight in Claire Episode 2. The way the fight is designed is complete assinine. Bullet sponge, broken hitboxes that even dodges can't cover, can do insta-kill at any time, and other Afflicted that can grab you and leave you open for more hits.

2. Screw the gas mine (Barry Episode 4). SCREW it hard, even while it had a good premise.

1. HAOS chase sequence in Chris and Piers Chapter 5. If you lag down for even a second, he will catch you and send you falling down. AI partner doesn't help either if you have friendly fire turned on.

2. Simmons Phase 4 fight in Ada Chapter 5. He is somehow a BILLION times more unpredictable and aggressive with Ada than when you face him as Leon and Helena.
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User Info: momo92

4 weeks ago#99
Boss fight QTEs......f*** that

Limited Typewriter saves

Running toward the screen segments in RE6

Reapers in RE5
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User Info: ChaozCloud

4 weeks ago#100
Mmendez posted...
Sherry's section in Claire A. Dogs that are completely unpredictable and quickly wittle away Sherry's already fragile health. No way to attack them, and using the only healing item available (first aid spray) costs an A rank run.

Provided you beat the game under 2h30m and with no saves you can use 3 first aid sprays IIRC.
The game uses a point system to calculate you rank and to get A you need 270-300 points. You lose points by saving, having a high time and using sprays. Each spray subtracts 10 points and each save subtracts 5, time is subtracted by 10 at 2h30m and every hour after.
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