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  3. What is your most hated gameplay segment of any RE game?
The area right before the final fight, where you have to gain entry into the train hangar during the final level in ORC on the hardest mode...that was a huge pain in the ass.

Constantly respawning enemies - not just a few but HOARDS of them, including Crimson Heads en mass - it was brutally difficult, and not in a fair way.
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User Info: Terenigma

1 month ago#42
Reading this topic again, several people have mentioned things that have sparked memories of annoyance from me. I mean my previous answer (The entirety of RE6) was legit but i completely forgot about that Ndesu fight in RE5, that has to be top 3 for anyone who's played that game.

Also the castle area in RE4 on the whole isn't that bad but i'm sure most of us had that classic "Ashley wait at the entrance whilst we run around the other side" only for her to get carried out the door 5 feet from her because she can't let Natalya be the most annoying escort mission in the history of gaming.

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User Info: ssj_duelist

1 month ago#43
Anyone said the minor character sections in Revelations? Makes the game hard to replay.
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I don't think there's anything worse than escort missions. You're trying to take care of yourself, but now you've got this really annoying, useless, defenseless, nasally voiced girl shouting HALLLLLLP every 2 goddamn seconds.

Ashley is the absolute worst part of RE.
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User Info: Suspiria

1 month ago#45
All of it from RE4 onward. It's all trash.

User Info: KialGreenwood

1 month ago#46
TrueGB posted...
CV Tyrant fight.

RE6 Chris/Piers "runaway" event in co-op was pretty horrible too.
Yep, I hated that section

User Info: Darkova22

1 month ago#47
Sherry in RE2 remake. It was the fine the first time, but now I just wish I could skip it each run. It kills my momentum.
RussianBacon posted...
Water hall in RE4 for me. Everytime I play it I dread the encounter lol. What about you guys?

Seeing as I'm replaying through RE 4 right now, I agree with this, but not in the way you might think. As I stand now on normal, I have 7 deaths, 5 of which were due to Ashley. The other 2 I legit got clapped:

1. Ran from a cultist right in front of my TMP

2. Cultist grabs Ashley, shot him in kneecap, go to knife him, she runs 2 inches to the left and ducks in front of my knife. Schwacked!

3. Go to throw an Incendiary grenade at a group of approaching Ganado cultists, she runs in front of me, gets torched

4. Ran into a headchomper plaga as I was trying to shoot it and got clapped

5. This one I actually take blame for. I got pissed and murked her captors in a fit of Rambo like rage and skill only to turn the f**k around and see some f**king cloaked DnD douchebag waltzing towards the door with her. Fire, miss, hit Ashley right in the left buttcheek. YOU DIED.
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User Info: optimusmart

1 month ago#49
My worst gameplay segment in the whole series is RE6
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User Info: wild361

1 month ago#50
NHaman posted...

OMG YES. Pretty sure I through my controller that day

I'm currently replaying it with a friend. It was as much of a pain in the ass as it was last gen, haha.
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  3. What is your most hated gameplay segment of any RE game?
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